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    Explosion Size : Power Level and Mod Compatability

    Oh I didn't mean I was making my own model for Broly, I was just using the CCI to create my own broly character, you know, changing/adding attacks and abilities and changing his looks using sprites. This is the first time I here of this mod though . . . ESF: Final? Ill be checking that out...
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I have a feeling this is gonna be as bad as when Blizzard fired Blizzard North and decided they were going to attempt to make Diablo 3. They started out pretty well for the first year and then decided to take a dive into the f***ing-worthless bin. They are probably gonna do what they did...
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    water spliting

    I think it would be possible to have some particle FX just above the water that would end where the water ends, but I think that would need to be integrated maps themselves for it to work.
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    Zombie Survival Mode

    Sounds an awful lot like Nazi Zombies, mindlessly blasting away at the hordes :P. I can see it being done as a mod.
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    Explosion Size : Power Level and Mod Compatability

    One of the things that bother me the most about ESF is how power level barely effects explosion size. In my opinion, the higher someones power level is the bigger their explosions should be. I do of course think there should be a cap but the fact that its not possible to use explosions on...
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    ESF too difficult?

    "One being that the Ki Attack system is poorly mixed with Melee so that you can't use KHH or other Ki Attacks in a flowing combat. Players that enjoy the DBZ theme like using Ki Attacks, and you don't get to use them when you melee, thus it's avoided." Thats why i dont play anymore. EDIT:: The...
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    Is DBZ the best anymore?

    you dont think they have gotten eviller going into the series?? have you ****ING seen BROLY? he dominates, toys, and ultimately ****s up everyone to retarded extents--which reminds me, the only reason goku was able to kill Broly both those times was because they had to have a happy ending...
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    New Energy Attack System!!!

    why shouldnt i be happy with that? isnt it balanced?
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    New Energy Attack System!!!

    Does that include blasts like generic ball and other specials? if it does then i will be more than happy with it :) sorry my suggestions are total crap, but that beam lockon would completely solve my issue
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    New Energy Attack System!!!

    People move too fast so the only way to work this out in my opinion is- A- Make the attacks more powerful as i listed above or B- Allow players to move as fast as they normally can (dash, ect.) while charging up an energy attack EDIT:: Splash damage? there is an explosion at the end of an...
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    New Energy Attack System!!!

    All i am trying to get at is that unless someone is retarded and just stands there infront of you, then most of the energy attacks are useless, unless you have an insane high powerlevel and the others in the server arent even at 2nd form yet
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    New Energy Attack System!!!

    ok they could make some exeptions :D ;) but seriously i hate spending 3 seconds on a generic ball that hits nothing for 5 damage :S
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    New Energy Attack System!!!

    OK, for 5 years i have been worked up over the energy attack system. Go onto ESF, pick piccolo, charge up your special beam cannon fully, fire, and youll get an explosion the size of my thumb. Please, for the relation of Dragonball (Not Including Ki-Blasts); A: Increase the blast radius of...
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    Video Settings

    I was just wondering if someone could post up what the best (highest) possible video settings/options for ESF are. I sent my old computer into best buy and they somehow managed to blow up a good piece of the motherboard, so i got a brand new crazy computer with a new video card and tons of...
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    ESF-World Issues

    Ok, so whats the problem? Is it that big of a problem to take this long to fix? I might be able to help out, but seriously i can barely work on esf without esf-world -.-