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    ESF release?

    Well. It's officially 20 years since I first started playing this mod. (Alpha was around 2001 if I remember correctly.) Been a forum member for most of that... And ESF 1.2.3 got released a good 15+ years ago. (2005 maybe?) The main page doesn't seem to get updated often, so I don't visit...
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    Is the first developer of Earth special forces here with us?

    I tend to pass by the forums once every 12 or so months... But remember playing one of the early Alpha builds, which easily predates my forum account creation date. Not really enthused with the mod anymore to be honest, that might change when there is an actual release one day though.
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    Your team need the guy thats making db unreal

    I don't think anyone doubts that there is some progress... But as someone who has been watching/playing this mod since he was a teenager and is now in their 30's... Well. It's difficult to get a good estimation of the progress. With that said, I only come and check the ESF website/forum once...
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    DirectX 11 Integration

    Sorry about the 2 month bump. :/ However... In regards to Tessellation you don't have to apply it to everything like Character Models and such. Could be something a little more simple like... Only applying Tessellation to only the water, it would have a fairly large impact on image quality...
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    So, Papa Cuc is going to upgrade the old rig.

    Good choice on the motherboard, even supports Socket AM3+ CPU's (Aka. Bulldozer.) So you should be able to run the next gen CPU's with no problems. :) I would have stuck with the 1090T though to save a bit of cash however. It's only 100mhz slower than the 1100T and it's still completely...
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    Intel & NIVDIA - A match made in Heaven.

    I gave you a benchmark to Anandtech, down on the bottom of the page you can scroll over to other real world tests. Unigen is a synthetic test, we probably won't ever see it's performance characteristics in games.
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    Intel & NIVDIA - A match made in Heaven.

    2x the performance? Most benchmarks show differently when you pit the 580GTX against a 6970. I've got a 6950 currently, plan to get a second one in a few months time, they scale really well in crossfire. I've...
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    To buggery with the FPS loss! Just have it as a toggled option, eventually everyone here will upgrade at some point or another to take advantage of it anyway, either by there old system failing or simply upgrading.
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    What type of computer do you have?

    Might as well update my system... Been a few years now. Processor: Phenom 2 X6 1090T - 6 Cores @ 3.2ghz. Memory: 4gb of Corsair DDR3 1600mhz memory. Graphics: Crossfire Radeon 5770 1gb. Monitor: 24" BenQ 1920x1080P monitor. HDD: Samsung F3 7200rpm 1TB HDD Case: Coolermaster HAF 922...
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    Ok were the next update guyssss

    You shouldn't remind us how long some of us have been waiting for a final release (You make some of us feel ancient.) But I must admit, I did play the early Alpha Release allot on a LAN a few years prior to joining the forums and thought it was excellent even back then. - After all these years...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Just thought I might jump on and say "Merry Christmas" to everyone, I've been "Registered" on these forums for many years now, and I like to pop-in occasionally and see how the mod has progressed. I'll be honest though. I went to the ESF main home-page and saw the quality that the Mod is...
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    RAM slot question.

    Yes you can use slots 3 and 4. However for maximal performance you would probably desire to run the ram in Synchronous Dual Channel DDR mode for optimal bandwidth, this can vary between motherboards, some motherboard dual DDR mode is engaged if you have the memory in slots 1 and 2 or slots 3...
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    Vista versus XP

    I have Win2k and Vista in a Dual Boot configuration - And I really don't see any need for the operating system, I loose about 6fps in crysis on my Crossfire 3850's and Pentium 2160 1.8ghz @ 3.6ghz. I did experience allot of driver issues earlier on in the Operating systems life, and I still...
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    Building a PC

    The egg doesn't ship to Australia, Plus everything was in Australian Currency (Which explains the large Price difference - Not everyone lives in America and enjoys low prices on everything!) I suggest just looking at the parts everyone has listed here, and "Pinch" what you think is good...
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    Building a PC

    I buy from the awesome My Current system which I built rather cheaply consists of: Pentium 2160 @ 3.0ghz (Dual Core, based on the Core 2 Architecture) 2gb of memory Crossfire 3850's But here goes: Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E6750 2.66Ghz, 1333mhz FSB, Dual core - $253...