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    Idontknow who you are.
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    Your Recommendations (YouTube Thread)

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    Do you guys workout?

    4 to 5 days a week. Basically I work out on a '2 days on 1 day off' schedule. Sometimes that means 4 times in one week, other times it means 5. This is subject to other commitments (eg. being engaged) but I manage to stay pretty consistent.
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    RIP Deman

    Rest in peace, you handsome, handsome, handsome man.
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    Create a girl course, with Hazardous.

    Damn Lee, you sure have come a long way over the years. You doing this professionally yet?
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    What is this, I don't even..

    dafuq did i just watch
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    Blast! Caffeine Powder!

    Ditto for apples.
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    What the hell is wrong in this world

    All Nikki Minaj. No sex appeal.
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    Apple sued over every touch screen they make.

    Apple will either fight this, or settle it out of court if their lawyers believe there is the slightest chance they might lose. There may be a small and temporary fallout, e.g. stock prices could fall on speculation. But Apple will come out of this fine.
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    About me

    Yeah so I wouldn't go about trusting a random website on the internet that has no sources to back up any of its wild claims.
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    Thrive - What will it take?

    If this were true you'd be able to remove 97% of your brain without noticeable changes to your mental or physical capacity. As Avenger said, we need all of our brain, for various functions, just not necessarily at the same time. If we didn't need it, it probably wouldn't be there. E.g. You...
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    Gizmodo gave people the "new iPad" to see their reactions.

    As someone with an iPad 2, I see no use to upgrade to the 3. If I had the original though, it would be a pretty significant upgrade.
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    Rick Santorum, fact free politician!

    One of our former Prime Minsters, Pierre Trudeau, put it swimmingly.
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    Favorite videogame battle music?
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    New superhero movies

    Wait so Spiderman helped make Facebook?