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    Just wanted to say I’m still interested in the game! Still looks super cool. I like the layouts you selected for steam, the story for the game is weird but I like it, motivated to take down some tyrants soon! I had another gameplay suggestion but I don’t know if it’s easy to do or not: I was...
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    Ah I see I was wondering if angles would be the deal breaker so essentially you wouldn’t try to do head ons. Good job for fixing that broken concept from the esf betas. It’s a good idea and looks like it’s implemented well. I like the concept that you have for recharging, it sounds like you...
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    It looks cool it reminds me of a very basic 1.1 where you have accounted for LSM by making the hit go to the longer swooper. It’s pretty cool. Idk why but if you were taking suggestions I’m Into very basic stick figures at the moment so I think it would be cool to have those be your person- I...
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    Revan vs ESFn00b (Okazaki Tomaya) duel ESF 1.2.3

    nice comeback win
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    Playing 1.2.3 in Chicago

    Hey, I'll be idling in the US Chicago server for an hour or two if anyone wants to play. 122415 1817 PST
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    The battle of christmas past. (Wanna play?)

    Ill be in there for a bit now, but im thinking you posted that a while ago
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    Sometimes I play. I went by SSj2 Gohan, Gohan and LoKi I;ve also used a lot of other aliases. Kami is the only one who wears the tag in his nick these days. Towards the time when HL transferred from VALVe to STEAM I took over the clan. Majin, Bio, Kak, EC, Sonic, Mystix hadnt shown up much...
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    Just another nostalgia thread.

    I always felt like Kami was the best piccolo but my memory is terrible
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    ESF Tournament 2014

    So what you made was a teaser trailer for ESF Final and not an advertising trailer for the tournament, gotcha. Your shit is buggy. The links don't work and send me to a 404 error page, I can take more screen shots if you wish. Also, what are the rules of your tournament?
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    ESF Tournament 2014

    I'm confused. Is this for an open beta or 1.2.3? If it's for 1.2.3, how come there isn't any footage of 1.2.3 for the trailer? Also your websites tabs don't work for chrome. At least for me it doesn't. Anything goes rule wise?
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    Fuggin casual.
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    I was wondering sub. I was wondering. Is 1.3 out yet.. or are we just going with final
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    Sup guys!

    You're terrible. Go away and never return. This statement is not meant to be humorous or sarcastic. It is flat out, the will of the players of ESF.
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    North American Tournament

    Kami beat gurbir; it was a tough fight! Revan.... where are you? _______________________________ it was a close fight between Revan and I; I won 10-9 so now its Kami and I
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    North American Tournament

    Sub lost to revan, so its Revan vs LoKi; and Kami beat werty so its Kami vs the winner of ESFn00b and Gurbir