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    I'd like to lodge a formal complaint.

    it still stops responding...did that happen to any of you?
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    I'd like to lodge a formal complaint.

    Accually, I don't post much because I feel confident they'll do there job well. why would it need to be uninstalled? Does anybody know where it looks first? So its just taking its time? Not that I noticed. I could press the x thing in the upper right corner and it gives me the standard...
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    I'd like to lodge a formal complaint.

    I downloaded both the patch and the full version of 1.1 just fine(The patch messed my freinds esf installation up bad by the way. "HL Has preformend an Illegal act" it says whenever he tries to make a server). My problem is that the installer keeps freezing! I know why it does too. It is...
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    Will ESF go into GT stuff? Like add a GT char or transform(I.E. SSJ4 Goku)?
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    can u got ssj2 on esf?

    I'm surprised they won't do up to GT. I liked GT. here's an intresting question: would you consider releasing the source code or instructions on how to make models to add in for transformations? Cold steel....please tell me thats a toung and not a Di** pasted into that mouth portion...
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    Vampiric fun!

    I certainly hope no-one else has done this before here.. Goto this link: Put in a name and you become a vampire, Give your personal link to others to get points twoard your rank. If the owner of the site gets some more resources, then...