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    Anyone want destructable buildings

    Ummm, you shouldn't make it go sink in the ground... better fall on it... and stay that way and that you can actually collide with it... :D if it's possible... That would be Way cool. EDIT: Maybe make a parody for hercule, like when you hit him, he's in his underpants or something... or in a bra xD
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    Cell Shading?

    'Nother game with cell shading: ( i mean mod for quake 3 ) i'm guessing those are mountains without cell shading and stuff... and these are with it this one looks fairly better... though vegeta's shoulderpads suck a bit... ( the shape ) Too bad, since they postponed it...
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    Your original Name and where you got it.

    Serbia... and i guess grega is your name xD
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    Your original Name and where you got it.

    Neged, degen on backwards , it means something like moron... and well, my friend used to have a nickname Norom... which is moron in backwards... so you get the point :P
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    I hope this guy dosn't have a conscience

    LOL, guess that's another destroyed in seconds show?? xD
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    Cell Shading?

    Yeah, something like that, but better than that
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    Cell Shading?

    Not character outlines, CELL SHADING Here's an example of a game that has it: cell shading is also called cartoon shading
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    Cell Shading?

    Is it possible to do cell shading in esf?? and if it is... you could maybe do that instead of shading on texture, you make well you know, kind of cartoon style shading... and ofcourse you would need to make the clothes be folded and stuff... idk if there was a suggestion like this, but meh...
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    Online Dragonball

    A new 2D mmorpg game, im the spriter... we are still making it but i came here in need of help i need a krillin model screenshot (not some lame but mega ultra awesome!!!) that is in the pose like this vegeta but dont...