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    Should i just quit

    ok when i click on the play game icon it tells me i cant play the game
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    Should i just quit

    i dont know where to get it
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    Should i just quit

    i just cant get the game or whatever to work and i cant find that one thing i need to do the game.if you have any info plz just tell me it would really help
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    how do i get on the esf game

    i just cant get on it. i think it hates me. that stupid admin thing wont let me on. so in short HELP!!!!!!
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    i need all the help i can get

    i need to know how to get into the fighting area so i can play and help the team that is if they know me or i them.any other info will be very useful.
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    help if you can

    i need to know all i can about this website like what to do and not to do.i need to know about the dbz help if u can.thanks
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    the dbz game

    im the new guy so i dont know what to do or how to play it or even get to it.why cant i play the game? what things do i need to know here?i need to know this step by step.i am not good in learning things like this quickly.