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    Some sounds don't work

    Yes i happens all the time even when i play a LAN game or when i create my own game online.
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    Some sounds don't work

    I downloaded a version of the beta 1.1 and installed it. But when i played it some sounds didn't play like the charging sound. First i thought it was the install that went wrong but i re-installed, downloaded another file from another server but the same problem keeps excisting. :cry:
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    How Do I Play without the internet?

    You can also try clicking LAN games instead of internet games. Then choos to host a game and use bots to play against.
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    a few simple newbie questions

    You can also use the turbo mode (default key = T) is temporarely add to your power level, but it drains your ki faster.
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    how to download esf?!

    Just click the mirror-site there you'll find a link then just right-click the link and click "save as".
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    i just have a question

    Why don't you go to this website's File section and take a good look there. Also you can try .
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    ESF 1.1 on KaZaa

    Maybe it's a good idea for everyone who has ESF Beta 1.1 to share it on KaZaa too. It would add a bit of speed to the distribution.
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    Try To Make Gotenks For Piccolo?

    Yeah just think of the attacks you could use. Gotenks Kamekaze Spirits, the Splitting headache attack and Super Buu Buu Volley Ball.
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    Poll: Your favourite DBZ Saga

    Buu saga was the coolest. There was an episode with all previous villains cheering on Kid Buu. Goku going SSJ3. Gotenks was in it.
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    Just check out this forum's Development->Mapping-board. You'll be able to find enough maps there.
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    link to beta 1.1 preview movie

    Your right the link is most definetly down.
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    Would you join a tournament for DBZ

    yeah sure if 1. I wouldn't get my ass handed to me 2. it wouldn't be laggy
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    Where can i download ESF bots??

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    Gohans shield attack

    I think that's verry crappy it should protect you from all damage except melee.
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    Beta 1.1

    I really look forward to the beta 1.1. I want to seriously try out trunks his sword.