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    Download mirrors

    thought you might like to know your gamershell mirror has a currupt file me and my mate downloaded it.. 2 seperate PC's/connections.. both got the same error.. some i/o shiz :S anyone got some WORKING links.. becuase all these sites with the tones of adverts and waiting 10 seconds to...
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    Ki running out

    dont they charge to gain more Ki? on the show... i think meelee should take mo ki of a person...
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    dumb ass bug

    what i hate about the baoundaries is once i have been meeleed i cant see a thing only me....WHEN i get up...i then knocked to the other side of the map...and so on and so on untill i die...thats why i dont play on meelee servers...they suck
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    i have reformatted my PC 3 times in one month XP pro troubles..i spent 6+ hours installing all my games and stuff i had many troubles installing bloody XP in the freaking first setup randomly crashed :rolleyes: bloody microsoft i like the bit where it says windows XP is more...
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    DBZ films/episodes

    POST your music Video sites... here is a very good site..this guy makes the best music videos i have seen best vid is "set aside the pride" vegeta fans will like this
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    Why does Esf crash on my computer...

    my ESF crashes when i get a page from msn messenger..maybe..its that.. :P
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    freeze bot

    yea i was there when he done this...when he died he crashed the server i wrote in the server chat thingy
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    Devil Information Dump

    sum guy called "undefeated of the east" just crashed a server..told it to freeze didnt get his wonid intime hmm went back and he was a spectator WOnID: 1692877 i have a screen WonId dunno if it is the guy..but needs banning from all servers :P he is still on the server...
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    CTD = Crash to desktop
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    just a few sugestions

    1 actaully have 2 teams..Evil and Good...with different characters from what i have seen both teams have the same charcters O_o also..when transforming to SSJ and such...would love to see sum dust..and a big power wavy :laff: thing maybe the dust flying in a circle around the player..and...
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    also when you click on th auto just sticks you on the good side... (if this was mentioned before..ignore me)
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    Lets see your battlestation!

    its a dont want to see it
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    whos the best

    Vegeta is the pride anyway :P
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    Hey just registered and I luv the game..

    i completly hate meelee hosted a server 2 guys joined..i was kicked about the map for 5 minutes...only managded to get one attck off at them... and when you join most see the guy on the other side of the screen..then all of a sudden you splatered on a wall by a...
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    Devil Information Dump

    sm person came onto a server and stayed as a spectator...didnt do nothing for while then the server crashed...looking in the console and from when he join to when the server crashed _Special _Special _Special _Special _Special thingys... should have done statuss sooner