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    problems with animations, can sumone help me please?

    Could any case I hate my computer :p
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    problems with animations, can sumone help me please?

    I have recently installed ESF again onto my computer since I had to f-disk it not too long ago, and I've been having lots of problems with the animations...or so I think thats whats wrong...anyway I use open GL and only with open GL do these problems occur, whenever there are too many things on...
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    I don't think Krillin's trans is too late...not when you consider that by the end of most good games, your base pl is usually above 10 million anyway :p
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    kame torpedos stay put

    yah they slowly inch down over time lol , I sorta like how they all shoot up when ya switch, but it'd be nicer if you could control them with another attack selected.
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    Destructo Disk!!!

    yah they do not work well as far as gaining ki goes, however its always fun to go on godly killing sprees with them muahahaha :devsmile: and I've heard of this bug, but for some reason this has never ever hapened to me o_o
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    What am I?

    SAS = Systematic Assassination of Squirells :yes: HeMp
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    A strange animal

    aww the name is on the tip of my tongue but I just can't remember it lol, if i do remember I'll edit my post :yes:
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    Best fight in dbz.

    I know of what you speak ssj 4 gogetenks, that fight is an absolutely amazing one..4 super saiyans and Piccolo vs. that huge madman, and Goku says in that fight, that he beleives that this opponent is stronger than Brolly..I wish i knew what his name was, it says it but in another language :(...
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    One word story

    HEI HEI SHAMMOW shouted Barry manalow while eating his fifth yoshi sarnie. Suddenly penuts surrendered to Barrys lust monkeys and pulled out Del-boy from his penutbutter prison and gave thanks to Barrys massive penis enlarger visor with super shiny cows testicals needle-**** taco
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    One sentance story

    Vegeta and Goku were training when suddenly, Brolli, Nasppa, Raditz, and Kid Buu busted into Vegeta's training room, Vegeta ran off because he was scared of Brolli and left Goku there to fight them alone. Than Goku, steping up to the chalange, went ssj3 in a blink and brolli was left stuned...
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    the first one was nice too, but that 2nd one looks great, good work man ;D :yes:
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    buu sig

    i like it, good job :)
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    yah man, it looks good, good job :devsmile: :yes:
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    Gotenks - Saiyan Crusades

    good looking model, very well i love the sc pimpin gotenks pic below :yes:
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    New long hair Trunks!

    i think it looks pretty cool :)