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    gt model pack!

    EDIT AGAIN: NM, I misunderstood you. :laff: EDIT:Here are some pictures of Vegeta's grand son or whatever he is(havent seen the episode yet :) ). CLICK ME FOR PICS OF VEGETA JR
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    I Finished My Ssj5 Goku Model You Can Download It Here!!!!!!!!

    Wing Zero 0, whether it's real or not, I like it. Who knows, they may yet make another series of Dragon Ball(Not implying it's AF or anything) where there may be a SS 5. Personally, I'd like to see what people can come up with for other stages of super saiyan. I like how they seem to look...
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    Forum text enhancements

    So how'd ya do it? :)
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    MY version of gotenks/ssj/ssj3

    Hmm. I only see super saiyan Trunks. :(
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    New to the forums :)

    I just thought of something. How big are the maps in this game? I hope they aren't too small. :)
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    I Finished My Ssj5 Goku Model You Can Download It Here!!!!!!!!

    Nice work. :) As for a suggestion on what you should do next, I think you should make Brolly. :laff: Maybe his normal stage but definitly when he turns into that HUGE bad*** super saiyan. ;) *edit* By the way, whenever I go to your website my computer freezes up after I click the enter...
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    New to the forums :)

    Well I just ordered Half life and Tribes 2 from In total it came to about $31. Not bad for two games + all the mods you can get for them. :) I keep feeling like I did something wrong though. I couldn't print the order page but it said if I included the order number and my email...
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    New to the forums :)

    Thanks. :) I'm gonna be getting HL GotYE and Tribes 2 from Though I'm a bit dubious about it since last time I ordered from there the CD Key I got was "already used". :\
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    USSJ5 Goku

    Yes, please do. And where can I see this SSJ5 Goku model of yours?
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    New to the forums :)

    Thanks for the quick reply. I was just at the half life web site and was looking at the games they had for sale. Will Half Life: Game of the Year Edition work for this?
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    Vegetto finished

    Man, that is amazing! I wish I had half the talent you have. :) Ooooh! You should do Brolly next! Man that'd look awesome! O_O
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    New to the forums :)

    Hey everyone. I just found this place the other day and I thought it looked pretty cool. To be honest I can't remember how I got here. :laff: Anyway, I have some questions. 1: I've only played Half-Life once, and it was on the PS2. Didn't like the controlls but I'm guessing they are...