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    Ki Blob's

    I agree that ki blobs are overpowered, when you roll around on the ground a lot you can end up losing half your life easily to kiblobs because they do way to much damage.
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    Beam limitation

    I don't like the idea but beam spammers do need to be limited. I would recommend just capping the max explosion size or maybe even having it so that explosion size doesn't increase with power but that each beam has a fixed explosion size which stays constant.
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    Disc Changes: Destructo Disc, Multi Disc, Scatter Disc...

    Good idea if Krillin is nerfed a bit on his trans, once transed he is already arguably the best character.
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    Faster Throws

    Throws should be faster, maybe they could look better too so instead of just spinning the characters could do shoulder throws or something.
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    Induvisual Throwing ability

    I like your ideas and I think they could work if they were balanced a bit, in any case it would be a lot better than the lame 10 second throw that is in now.
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    Anyone else think waiting/playing 1 hour is a bit much to transform?

    It doesn't take too long if you are somebody with a low trans pl but it can take a long time (probably not an hour though) if you play on a server with plcatchup on and you are vegeta, cell, krillin or buu. If that is the case I recommend you beam spam because you can get easy kills with...
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    Simplest, Best way to stop Beam Spamming

    I also agree it should be this way.
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    Tri Form Technique

    I like the idea, maybe they when they use it it can add a buddy (themselves) but reduce their power level. That is the only way I could think of using it except for maybe adding a bot to your team who is your other self but I personally hate playing with and against bots and I am sure many...
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    a couple of issues

    There are two things that are kind of annoying in ESF right now. the first is that when you block a basic melee hit you can instantly counter with advanced melee, not much of a problem vs noobs but when you play somebody who is already better than you and they constantly use this to throw you...
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    Instead of Shield

    If the shield protected from all damage, which it would if it protected against splash damage, lasers and disks, you could have 2 gohans who are invincible. One puts a shield up, when he is almost out of ki the other puts his shield up and the first recharges and then when the second it almost...
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    small suggestion

    When you shoot a beam it lights up the surrounding area if it is dark but while you are holding the energy in your hand it does not so I suggest that once you have a beam charged up to the point it shows up as an energy ball your character holds it should glow just as if it had been shot. I...
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    Transformation suggestion

    From what I understand if you fight transformed you gain pl and cf for the next form but if you fight in a basic form or ssj when you are trying to get ssj 3 you don't gain cf but still gain pl. If that's how it is I love the idea.
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    Character Traits

    I like the idea but I think it would need some balancing. Do all stat boosts have to be 10%? I mean 10% extra aura pl increase is nice but regening 10% life is too powerful. I think it would bring a lot more excitement to character classes in any case.
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    team battle powerstruggle suggestion =)

    I like the idea too but how do you decide who gets the kills and pl? Maybe just whoever shot the most powerful blast?
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    I voted no, just never liked him.