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    I LIIIIIIIVEEE and g'night :p

    I LIIIIIIIVEEE and g'night :p
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    A message to the admins and developers

    Yea i remember you. No reason to ban you for your past shitposting now. So enjoy the second chance. And as dam said. Discord is more active than the forums. So wellcome back i guess.
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    ESF Final "pro" gameplay similar to 1.2.3 ?

    You are playing ECX then. And yes you will be able to teleport mid swoop in the final.
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    What do you guys think

    Thread already exists. closed
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    Just a question

    Corona bytes didnt release the ECX code ^^ They only gave people a sample of how to code a character using the system they made. Quite the opposite, they even made a special agreement with the AMXX team to allow them to not release the code.
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    Black Goku?

    Not gonna be in ESF.
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    question: will destruction of the maps will be available in game ?

    MDLs do have a health value. But the MDL entity itself was not updated with the maps. While they do work, they probably bug out. We have a different system in place for that. I dont know the details so if Ryo posts in here, he can explain it better. Its something to do with rendering objects in...
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    question: will destruction of the maps will be available in game ?

    There is a system in place that allows for map effects to trigger when an object dissappears. Not sure exactly how it works, but it needs to be set up properly. We had that on the cell games map where you could blow up the ring and then ring tiles were used in the explosion effect. But thats...
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    question: will destruction of the maps will be available in game ?

    No as in objects. Unless you want things floating because you didnt destroy them in the correct order. Also "Half a mountain just vanished" is not to great of a destruction system XD
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    question: will destruction of the maps will be available in game ?

    The old HL entity system still kinda works. MDL models have the same settings. As for the destruction test. That was not really meant for ingame. It was a university thesis Raven was doing for his school. He even posted the paper a few weeks later for anyone interested in reading it...
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    ADMIN abuse ! on a private server

    The servers are a public thing. They are not sponsored by us, and as such are not controlled by us. You are out of luck im afraid. Most servers should have contact info in the list. @Alex Really? What happened to the good old pummel them in to the ground till they rage quit gig?
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    Goku model obj format, Z period.

    He could still rig the Goku skeleton to the model. I mean he had to rerig stuff anyhow.
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    Goku model obj format, Z period.

    Why Vegetto, wouldnt Gokus skeleton be a better choice?
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    "Addons, Plugins and Scripts" forum shall not be hidden anymore

    Ahh i see. My bad. Whell you should message sky for that then.
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    He means in the final. Stamina is a spam limiter of sorts. Certain moves will drain it (like 1.1 style teleport spam and so on), some attacks hitting you will also drain it (so you can try and get the other guy down to 0 stamina where he will be a siting duck) and some systems will drain it...