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  • Hi, can I ask for some advise?

    I was just looking for some stuff for ECX, when I found this link:
    It contains lots of stuff, but when I installed some of it, ECX stoped working and I get this message each time I try to start:

    Fatal error : Mod_NumForName : models/player/ecx.broly.ssj3/ecx.broly.ssj3.mdl not found. where do i put the files?

    I've checked a hundred times, and the file is in that specific folder, so what should I do?
    Rawr, zakaj mi sig ne dela (I hope that talking in foreign languages on PROFILES isn't prohibited aswell)?

    Sem uploadov na, kopirov direkten link to signature in prilepu pravilno v tist okenčk in mi napiše da je uspel. Grem na post, pa nč. PLZ HELP DIS NUB!!!

    Thanks. :p
    Though i apritiate the help, but can you like not use my account to spam please ^^
    Guys don't ask stupid questions... this isn't blizzard (It will be released on balbal54534534 (brfore it is started))
    lol:| i heard about askin about final release but i didn't think it was this much...Poor Grega :(
    please can you tell me how to make a half-life models using milkshape 3d ? please don't mind . i searched a lot in google and i'm a begginer, i just know to texture models using HlMV ,not to create a half-life mdl file.
    hey grega, in those goku render 1 and goku render2 images the models displayed will be there in esf 1.3?
    i have seen that UnderWater FX video in moddb , its cool and i wanted these all things in the game.i too saw those comments given by those idiots teasing the game.
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