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    Ingame Crashing Problems

    My comp does same thing i have Voodoo 3 Intel 600 128 ram Running in open gl 600 to 480 something like that
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    Ingame Crashing Problems

    I play and after so long my computer freezesssss it keeps doing this
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    Irc on website wont work

    Mirc wont work cause i am behind firewall but the irc on website worked even while i was behind firewall
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    Irc on website wont work

    Irc isnt working for me it says: IRC Chat Live Chat in the ESF Chat room! Please enter your name to connect to the ESF chat room! Disabled, due to excessive CPU load Why does it say this and why cant i get in the chat
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    A Strong Suggestion.

    Im with ss_Vegeta im genna go vegeta and go ssj and Final flash you all to oblivion (This might take some time hehehe)
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    Chatting With Esf [The Irc Room]

    Whats this mean , Disabled, due to excessive CPU load says that when i try to start irc on site
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    ESF Release Date

    Bfp gets released tommorow!!
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    My cheap ssj 3 drawn on comp

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    New Attacks

    Hey d00d Gojita is how you spell it in JAPANESE
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    the buu looks tight
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    Help Everyone Read Plz!

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    Help Everyone Read Plz!

    takes ua long time to learn lol
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    servers from the mod

    i think he ment to say i cant see the servers or something...
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    New Attacks

    heres dragon fist
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    Free Sig!

    show us what it looks like