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    The Biweekly Games

    I'll fight, I'll lose, most likely SteamID - butthead In game - Saiyan Lord
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    LOL i have a challenge for you modelers

    sweet keep me updated ;)
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    LOL i have a challenge for you modelers

    Okay you the challenge is.......... more of a request :) Make a custom model of piccolo. Make him super man LOL then people who always says that goku kicks superman ass can really have some fun kicking supermans ass lol. I mean he already has a cape, laser vision, flight, and super...
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    :p seriously. If any 1 knows how 2 play esf in HL plz
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    Ok the question is, i've seen some pictures in the media.... and a video, of someone playing ESF in Half-life campaign. And imo it's looks fun. So i was wondering if anyone here knows how to play half life. :)
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    Mirror Test - ESF v1.2.3

    lol 24 Mb/s OWNED :D
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    ground mele hmm might work

    ........ It sounds a little like my idea...... except ground base and suckier.... :\
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    Advance melee!

    the difference is it would be made similar to TB(tenkachi Budikai) but some of the basics... are very similar. it's more of an upgrade then the same think of the prepunch *The way my idea is similar to prepunch 1.Id the defender is blocking before engaged then the dodge all attacks unless the...
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    Advance melee!

    ok perhaps this is a good idea :yes: You have to swoop into enemy like current version (no prepunch) you automaticaly aim after you hit them with swoop. You have a 10 seconds to do a combo of punches kicks and teleports. It's kinda confusing but i'll try to explain it in the example :p Punch -...
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    XML FX Editor

    wow! this looks awesome. o_o I have 1 question, like 1 above can you make your own animations videos :D if so that's awesome. cause i was going to make a fan DB series with ESF :yes:
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    Battle Damage / A new game type

    well i kinda mainly meant scratches
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    Battle Damage / A new game type

    yea, :rolleyes: i kinda knew they probably would be rejected. but what about king of the hill ya know. might be a intresting gametype. :cool:
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    Battle Damage / A new game type

    Ok, lets get started say your characters HP has 75% of max, Shirt is torn a little. A few Scratches on Model say your characters HP has 50% of max, Shirt is completely off, unless your Goku, or some other character with under shirt. say your characters HP has 25% of max tail is cut...
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    Melee Engage Proposal

    yo this is a little off topic, but since ur talking about lockons i think it would be cool if you put a lock on then are able to teleport below the enemy. kinda like when goku was charging his kahmehameha then tele's below cell and blasts him :D would be awesome
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    Dbz mmo

    lol. it looks sweet looks sorta like starwars. which is also cool