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    Christmas Goku lol

    tha's more like st patricks day goku to me
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    new deviant id

    looks great !
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    cell saga gohan

    looks great
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    My poetry & prose thread..

    your a goth?
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    new deathball

    gave it a five sorry maybe if you worked on it a bit doesnt look that bad but kinda low quality i think (don't hurt me)
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    Chibi Goku

    looks great:tired:
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    Ryoko's signature thread.

    like em all:tired:
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    New sig, Ratings please.

    8:yes: :tired:
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    ESF-Bot full version??

    patience thats all i can say:tired:
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    Radditz Update

    nice work:yes: keep up the good work :)
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    SSJ3 Gotenks model WIP

    nice work:) keep it up:yes: :tired:
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    Gundam ModelS?

    yes goku with a beamsaber :D woohoo:tired:
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    Fav SNES RPG

    i like them all:D
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    Gundam ModelS?

    i almost like all anime :D:tired:
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    new attacks?

    jap version more episodes only 15 or so cant remember