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    drag + tiers =?

    Will ki attacks be affected by the Tier Bonuses?
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    Super KaioKen and False Saiyan

    Will being able to transform during a block struggle in ESF Final be implimented?
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    New ESF Trailer?

    Not to sound impatient or anything... But what happened to releasing the new ESF trailer today?
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    Sins of a Solar Empire

    I did hear very good things about Rebellion, and seeing how it is pretty much a sequel (for some reason they called it an expansion) due to the amount of things added to the game I will get Rebellion.
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    Sins of a Solar Empire

    So tomorrow I am getting Sins of a Solar Empire because I have seen several photos and videos of it and I've heard great reviews on it. So for those of you who have played this game what game should I get? Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity or Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion?
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    I have seen numerous rumors and comments on threads that the ESF Devs will be able to play as Broly... Is this true?
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    Alright thank you both for the help!
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    I see, but what I also wanted to know was that if Tier 3 Bonus Melee Clashed into one another what would be the outcome?
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    Melee Hello, I have a question about the Melee Tutorial video. I saw Simple Melee vs Simple Melee, Combo Melee vs Combo Melee... But what about Simple vs Combo or Bonus vs Bonus Melee? Will they blow eachother away instantly or what?
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    Arma 2 24$! Zombie survival team needed!

    I would definetly be on your survival team. Though we got to watch out for those bandits :p.
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    DBZ Sparking Omega

    I thought the Tenkaichi Series was pretty good (Not as good as Budokai Series or Burst Limit), but Ultimate Tenkaichi ****ed it up. Also its not a Tenkaichi its part of the Sparking series but for consoles.
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    DBZ Sparking Omega

    I heard of a new DBZ game called DBZ Sparking Omega, it is said to have the largest collection of characters throughout the Sparking series. It also said it would be released some time this winter for PS3/Xbox 360. We should expect an official update soon. :D
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    MyStart - Incredibar

    This is my last chance to get help to remove MyStart - Incredibar. Whenever I start Google Chrome it redirects me to MyStart Incredibar. Even though Google Chrome was set as my homepage, I tried to uninstall incredibar but it didnt work. I know this is not related to ESF at all but this is my...
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    ESF Dedicated Server for Windows

    I finally got the server to work but no one can join it... Suggestions?
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    ESF Dedicated Server for Windows

    I did everything right, but when I create a server this is what comes up = Hunk_Alloc: failed on 160104 bytes. I am using RC3 on my server which is probably why it isnt working.