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    -Prowler-lumination | Wallpaper |

    I know the "ilumination" looks bad... I had to put it sumwhere, so that was the place, but now it's the right size and position, but it looks crappy, i'll have to make it bigger, I'll refresh later... Adios.
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    -Prowler-lumination | Wallpaper |

    Just learning bryce, and on the way doing that just making some wallpapers... Comments ?
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    New Sig / Av

    they both look rather crappy to me...don't know why... And wuts the the "oh so great" font used in the first one ? ... like what the *boink*... They both don't look very promissing if ya ask me... you can probably do better... I think...?
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    I'm with naz.. truely, quite nice..
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    Naz/Nessaja Sig Thread!

    I think it does look impressive, if you can do that... I hope you know what superb things you can do like that in you're 3D work.... Adios mate.
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    fonts *DOH*
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    Sweet Dreams! TEST VERSION!

    i wish I could do something like that, but I4ve never tried that stuff with adobe photoshop, nor any other program.. I probably should take the time to learn it sumday, cause damn thats nice stuff...
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    My new fan Series Dragonball NG

    Yea the top drawing is absolutely ...wauw... lol.... All i can say really..
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    Perhaps my new SIG. . . .

    He's red with green, and hasa blue kind of cloud background ?? .. .well...It's a start :)
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    sig+drawing in one.

    Really nice job ....whatever... it's just real nice :)
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    Dimensional Force - Version 2.0

    Just some new thing...
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    the best program

    The best Software you can get : ( in my opinion ) Adobe photoshop v7.0 Discreet 3D Studio Max v4.2 Bryce v5.0 and for animation I recommend you to get Animation Shop ( It comes free with paint shop pro 7 I believe ... )
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    my wp's..

    Really nice stuff dudeman, really nice.... but uhh, if ur on redsaiyan... Why dont ya try posting ya work there too ? ;) ... ( ya might have done that, but i havent seen it and ive been sick for a week so i might've missed it ... )
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    new wallpaper

    Yes it's niec, a bit plain, but nice indeed
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    g0dly Graph-iX

    Well... Naz asked me to post more work of me here too .... so here ya go : And a bigger sig of mine :