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    Frontpage ESF 1.2.3 Legacy Tournament - Are you the best?

    We're waiting for 32 people to sign up before we set dates
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    Max viewable distance for maps

    ok, so I checked some of the old .bat full compile files and there is really nothing special in there hlcsg.exe -estimate -hullfile D:\Steam\Hammer\12hulls.txt -cliptype precise -texdata 8192 -nowadtextures "D:\Steam\s2k_maps\kamehouse\esf_kamehouse_test" hlbsp.exe -estimate -texdata 8192...
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    Max viewable distance for maps

    Oooh right .. I totally forgot to check those compile settings 😅 I'll put it in my calendar so my phone will remind me later :)
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    Max viewable distance for maps

    Wow.. blast from the past. Sorry for being mean 15 yerars ago 😂 maxdistance 500k is probably too much for the compiler to handle, the original max map size was 4096 (+/- 4096 so 8192 units total? Not sure, can't remember). Probably try 16384 (power of 2 numbers). I still have all the compile...
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    Removing the imported prefix on my username

    Quite the old account 👍
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    Thank you, we love you, too. If you don't believe ESF is going to be released, don't waste your time and go play something else. Bye.
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    The God has returned

    Can't really judge the situation but it still sucks to see so many oldtimers leave :/ If anyone is still in contact with them tell them I said hi :)
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    Hey Phobs :)
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    The God has returned

    I wasn't around for a while.. what happened to them?
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    Need help about Half-life on steam
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    Thread necromancy? Doesn't really matter anymore anyways Guess I should reopen S2k when ESF Final is out. Me and a classmate founded it way back around the days alpha2.0 came out .. even before I joined the dev team :)
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    Shout out to who's still around

    I'm just lurking :)
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    10 Year Club Party

    10 years ... I'm a bit surprised there are even people left here from those days. Man, in december its been 10 years since I joined the team. Oh yeah, and happy bday :) And don't burn down the forums with all those fireworks in here... or Grega has to put it out ;P
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    "" is missing. Does this mean no more help is needed?

    I simply forgot the jobs page when I switched to the new website. I'll add a new jobs section soon.
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    Awesome new ESF site look!

    Yeah I already thought about that ^_^ just a FYI guys The design on which the new website is based is pretty much Daltes work so kudos to him for that. I did the programming and some tweaks on the design :)