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    Official Diablo 3 thread

    Most of the old school players have no idea what Diablo 3 currently looks like. They probably know nothing about inferno mode, even less people know about the major revamp on the rune system. The truth is Diablo 3 is made for all gamers, they also plan on going to consoles. Btw there is about...
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    Potential Diablo 3 release date.

    Blizzard has not released any date to anyone yet. This is what Bashiok from blizzard said.. "Hah. So has the super secret inside scoop of release dates and doesn't? That's rich. Why would we tell any retailer a release date? Let alone a German specific outlet of a single...
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    Melee Combat Guide (Video)

    Insane stuff guys, I'm looking forward to working with the new new melee system. :smile:
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    [Video] Soaring Over the Cell Games

    Awsome stuff, the graphics are nearly unbelievable for a Half-Life mod. Even with that said this version probably does not satisfy the team. This game has come a very long way.
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    CPU Survey

    Processors ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of processors 1 Number of threads 1 APICs ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Processor 0 -- Core 0 -- Thread 0 0 Processors Information...
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    XMAS - Update

    This is just unreal, ive played since 1.1 and ive never in my wildest dreams that you guys could create maps so huge..... but when I saw these updates... you realize these guys are the real deal. This game puts any other game I have seen into dust. Such detail yet there nowhere near done...
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    Snow started in romania

    We been seeing snow since mid september O_O this is way too early. The weirder thing is the cold has not let up at all. Luckly we will see a blow torch/indian summer coming up this week before things really get cranking.
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    :shocked: O_O O_O Flawless.
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    HI, I have been playing ESF for a long time, I have looked around the fourms just as long, but I never registered here. Well I got bored and decided to sign up. Wassup ya all. :devgrin: