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    Releasing - TMS_RatsZ

    Rats and Mice running around and if you touch them you get 1hp knocked off.
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    Releasing - TMS_RatsZ

    Hope this helps. Thinking about it, not sure if this is possible or not.
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    Releasing - TMS_RatsZ

    I understand now. Maybe you could make the door flip open so its vertical.
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    Releasing - TMS_RatsZ

    I don't mean move the door, just make it so it shuts like a door. At the mo, its shut instantly and doesn't slide...
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    Releasing - TMS_RatsZ

    Can you microwave people? :laff: Very well made map TAz00. Everything fits in nicely and is large enough to fight people in. A couple of crits: Theres werid part on the floor in the bedrooom near the door where you seem to sink into it Don't like the dark areas e.g between kitchen...
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    Making babidi map

    They didn't blast the doors. The doors opened once they had defeated their opponent on that level. So maybe just a button to open the door, then the door is there all the time.
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    Making babidi map

    Heres some reference pics for outside of the ship if you want them. A view of the area around the ship Close up of the ship Looking from the rocks where everyone was stood. Inside the ship Krillian stoned Edit: why don't the links show up as pics?
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    There are already afew of them... Heres the official one
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    what program

    The GIMP is free which is like photoshop but not as good. Don't know anyone that uses it though.
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    HLDS Linux Install

    Good guide |PT|Mars. I just started using red hat and without this guide I would not have got my esf server working on linux. One question, how do I run the esf server, so I don't have to have the telnet window open all the time?
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    starting problemes

    Did you start the map using the compile menu or did you compile 1st then open half life like normal and create a game?
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    ESF Fansite New Layout

    Font I think your site would look better if you changed the font in the menu. Try Comic Sans as it is smooth writing (childish as 1 of friends puts it but then again he thinks dbz is childish too) not like that ugly font you are using which I persume is Times New Roman.
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    Black hole wallpaper

    Like I said I don't use photoshop that much just now and again, I got other things to do like school work.
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    testing my sig

    You already posted once but someone deleted your thread. . .
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    Black hole wallpaper

    Proves how basic my wallpaper is :]