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    Tournament news

    And not a word on the forums huh :< Anyway, who was the winner?
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    Tournament news

    Are there any updates? There's less than a month left before I'm finally home ;) Holefully I'll get to participate.
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    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    I'm checking in like once a month :D
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    ESF 1.2.3 Legacy Tournament - Are you the best?

    I'm finishing my mandatory year in the army over here. Two months more. I would like to participate ;) if i make it in time that is :/ I will replace whoever doesn't show up, since it's closed already
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    Back again

    Love it when people come here to complain about ECX :laff: Got my acc back
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    Shinze vs Sailent

    Ugh. So why is there a rickroll there? Missed it and actually wanted to see.
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    ESF ECX Servers

    This is the first server i've seen to have players online for the last half a year. Don't call it scrappy. Thank you for hosting it
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    52mil in a year. Noice
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    The God has returned

    Sorry for being so slow but I just realized. What happened to Sub?
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    ESForces.LT Next Update.

    The updates suck :C
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    ESF Tournament

    The entry list is empty. That's when you know the game is dead :/
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    ESF: The Complete Player

    Tbh even 2 hits on the ground is too much. I always do only one, aiming at the walls so that I could start doing wall hits. And I really appreciate the people who do the same. Lol this is my first message after the hacker kid attack. Last time i tried to recover, the site just wouldn't send...
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    Beam fx

    I'm sure they will tweak it.
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    Speed and gameplay

    Noone does 3 rollhits. I encouraged my mates to do only 1, and I despise people who do 2. (That is, considering a rollhit is a hit after the victim has hit the ground) About teleports on the move, I agree with Nedgi. In ECX many characters can teleport while moving, and honestly it's not an...