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    yeh, the auras sometimes messes up if you mess around in the customise option too much. So dont change anything in there.:notice:
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    thats his personality. Of course hes pissed off, hes the Saiyan prince for god sakes, he had a planet. He was supposed to be the best of the best, you would be pretty pissed too if you found out after being trained to be the best, you're not. Anyway, he didn't turn during DBGT he turned near...
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    yeh mate i agree.:idea:
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    Where can i download more characters?

    Depending on which character the model replaces, you put it in the appropriate folder. C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\esf\models\player\ssjgoku replacing C:\ with the drive Half-Life is in. Also remember to put the new model in the right model folder. \ssjgoku