📑 General Rules
  1. General Rules
    Flaming racially or religiously slurring, attacking, or swearing at others is unacceptable and will result in disciplinary action.

    [Adult Content]
    Images or links to inappropriate or adult material (such as pornography and hentai) will not be tolerated.

    Discussing or requesting pirated software, utilities that allow hacking, or cracks for any licensed software will not be tolerated.

    Use an appropriate nickname, or the name will be changed for you.

    Advertising/self-promotion is not allowed. This includes through private message.

    Speak English, please. We all have to understand each other.

    Do not spam messages and avoid multi-line chatting, condense your thought in a single message instead of writing the same sentence in multiple messages.

    People with moderating powers are always right. This is not a democracy and arguing about a moderator's decision is pointless.