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Mar 7th, 2003, 07:20 PM
Here they are: http://www.boomspeed.com/ussjtrunks/Sig1.jpg




Do you guys like?

Mar 7th, 2003, 07:59 PM
nothing special, you have almost no backround, and the ones that do almost all have gradents as backround, the pics are crap quality, half of them werent even cut 2/10 sorry its just not good

Mar 7th, 2003, 08:05 PM
Well it's like first time really making sigs :) But I think the second one has the most backround :P

Mar 7th, 2003, 08:06 PM
yes, but you should at least try to practice before making stuff, you should find some tutorials so you can learn the ins and outs of paintshop and how to do some of the effects
PSP=paint shop pro!

Mar 7th, 2003, 08:08 PM
Hmmmmmmmm okay

*EDIT* I use PSP though

Mar 8th, 2003, 02:37 AM
What uselessresponse has and i have are what you would call a sig, What you have is a group of images which you resized then added to strips of texture, Nothing special.

Rank Your Sigs. 1/10

Mar 8th, 2003, 02:38 AM
Same. but maybe a litlle higher. 2/10 Useless already explained why

Mar 8th, 2003, 05:55 AM
Remove 2 of them from your sig

Mar 8th, 2003, 07:06 AM
I seriously don't think you should make sigs. Untill you get better. Those are just pics put side by side. Sorry but they are crap.

Murdock Souljag
Mar 8th, 2003, 07:36 AM
yea, sorry man, they're not very good. Keep workin' on it, and u'll get better as you go, as long as you don't do the same thing each time. Like they said, use some tutorials. [edit] And ignore the people who tell you to stop making sigs. They shouldn't do discourage people from trying something new. Keep it up, and you might get somewhere[edit]

To the guys who made crits b4 me- You guys sound like you need a real ego boost. Go out into the sunlight, and soak up some rays, then go get laid.

Mar 8th, 2003, 04:20 PM
murdock you should write speeches for pres bush :laff: he could use someone like you

mr. roshi
Mar 8th, 2003, 04:32 PM
i could make better stuff in MS paint.

u need have less pics and more of a focus point, all i see is 5 pics croped and lined up.

well sinse its ur first attempt i wont be so harsh but do some tutorials to learn how to take advantage of PSP's features

Mar 8th, 2003, 04:39 PM
well, your should REALLY cut those pics,i mean,cut around the image, and dont use that much, use maybe 1-3 images in a sig, more then that is 2 much,and u do need a better bg....
but your only starting, try out some tutorials and stuff, youll get the hang of it....

Mar 8th, 2003, 04:47 PM
I asked you to remove two, you removed none so I removed them all

OMG BEST SIG EVAA!111oneoneoneexclamationmark

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Mar 8th, 2003, 04:49 PM
I asked you to remove two, you removed none so I removed them all
thats somthing that i'll cream my pants over:rolleyes:
like said before by me, you should do some tutorials and stuff before getting to work, and murdock we were being honest. and what does getting laid have to do with giving crits on this guys sig?

Mar 8th, 2003, 08:29 PM
Uhhhhh I was away I am serios I was playing D2 on brothers cpu

Mar 9th, 2003, 05:50 AM
You had nearly 24 hours

Mar 9th, 2003, 06:04 AM
Well I bet I was playing D2 then my mom said go to bed so I did probably thats why

Mar 9th, 2003, 09:24 AM
just say sry and end it there...dont get in anymore trouble O_o

Mar 9th, 2003, 06:37 PM
Okay sorry :) I'll try not to get in more trouble :)

Mar 9th, 2003, 06:45 PM
wow, it worked O_o

Mar 9th, 2003, 06:47 PM
Yay!! It worked