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Feb 23, 2006
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I'm sick and tired of WoW and I'm willing to sell my game + account (yes, this is legal, as long as you sell the game with the account)..

Now, I just have one little problem, I have no idea how much to ask for it..

The package includes:
- Original Collectors Edition box.
- 4 CD's with the game files.
- 1 DVD with the game files.
- 1 DVD with behind the scenes footage (the making of).
- 1 CD with the original game soundtrack.
- Original manual.
- WoW artwork book.
- Clothmap of Azeroth.
- Blizzard catalogue.
- 1 EU account (see below for account info).

So this is basicly the full CE version of WoW.. Everything is in perfect shape and hardly used.

The account has the following:
- Level 60 male Troll Hunter on the realm Talnivarr (PvP-EU). This Troll has full Beaststalker set. Belt, gloves and shoulders of the Giantstalker set. Strikers Mark bow, 2 Dawn's Edges, 2 Bone Slicing Hatchets, 1 Barberous Blade. Epic Raptor mount. 900 gold in backpack. Mature Black Sinew and Mature Blue Sinew in backpack (needed for epic hunter quest). 30% to exalted with Orgrimmar. Rank 5 of the PvP system. Lots of other epic gear used for fire- and natureresistance. It has mining and engineering as professions. Ofcourse, all of the gear is enchanted with agility and stamina enchants (this hunter has powerhouse dps due to an agility build)
- Level 60 female Undead Mage on the realm Talnivarr (PvP-EU). This Mage comes with the best mixture of endgame blue-gear, including the best pieces of the Dreadmist set, blue damage gear from Zul'Gurub, epic staff (Glowing Brightwood Staff). Does not own an epic mount yet, but has 300g in backpack. This Mage has herbalism and alchemy as professions (has knowledge of great potions such as arcane power)
- Level 29 female Night-elf Priest on the realm Venture Co. (RP-EU). Has about all the best items a priest can get at that level. Has tailoring and enchanting as professions.
- Various lvl 10-20 characters on various servers.

So, that's what I want to sell.. But I need advice about what to ask for it (I'll only sell it in Belgium, so don't bother giving fake prices so you could get it..).. I paid €75 for the CE, and has about €120 spent over the period of time I played.. Do keep in mind that the CE was pretty rare when the game came out.

Yours sincerely,
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Apr 7, 2003
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Whether or not it's "legal" is irrelevant--this is advertising, using your priviledges as a forum account poster for personal gain.

For the record, the account might be yours but the characters you've created are property of Blizzard--read the terms of use--you don't own them, and can't legally (at least in the United States) sell them. Should Blizzard find out, they'll void your cd-key and account.

We can't stop you from selling it, just selling it here.

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