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Dec 15, 2001
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well its me X just stopping by to see how everything is going. Hope everybody is doing fine and hope that the mod is still on its way to bettering itself. Right now I am currently working for an advertising agency as a production artist. I do graphic design, video editing, and a little 3d modelling/animation. I am also in the process of starting up a comapny by the name of Perceptual Designs and Graphics. Which will I will be doing graphic design, web design, logo design, print design, and print brokering. oh yea, and i am co-owner of a company called www.leatherlidinserts.com and we put inserts into harley davidson leather saddle bags. and I am also playing in a meat core band call "xstortionist, inc." as the lead guitarist. anywho thats jut a little summary of what i've been up to. and im glad to see the ESF Community is bigger then ever. Everybody take care and be safe.


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