What do you need?

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Jan 11, 2018

I am a developer of multiplatform applications. If you tell me what you need maybe i could help you. I´m going to explain I know ( I am spanish, my english is awful i know it):

Development and design for applications and web pages, and creation of relational databases.

Languages ​​and structures seen:

Environments used:
-Visual Studio.
-Android Studio
-Hibernate (Java).
-JEE (for others).

Additional Tools:
3D Modeler
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Nov 9, 2009
Sorry, but we don't need web developers right now, only C++ programmers and 3D modelers, which should already have a bit of knowledge or can show some work they have done.
Thank you for asking though!

JTM, there is development going on, but with so few people in the team in their free time it's advancing as fast as it can.
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Jan 11, 2018
when i will finish unity online course, i will start with the Unreal course, I hope you will finish the ESF final proyecto but if you dont, maybe I could be of help :yes:.

By the way I'm not a web developer, I'm a multiplataform application developer. This means that I can program in all kinds of different platforms: Web, mobile app, Desktop app, Videogame engine, Data base ...

I am not specialized in a platform, I know of all the platforms ;)

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