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Feb 18, 2003
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well i have been skiining alday yesturday and came up with this
credits:Mr Smo for the model me for the new skin maps and skins(also smo for the parts that havent been maped or skined.. yet)

here is the front (note that i am still working on the face and the top of the chest area*i also hightlighted the skin so u can see it better*)

from here u can see that i need to map both parts of the arms together so i can smudge some stuff together to make it even

and this is the back (just want to say that i havnt skinned the arms and hands yet also the back part of the belt)

also sorry for the bad pic

hope u like laterz!

(well here is a question for u people^_^ would u still class me as a n00b skinner?)
P.S CRIts are welcome^_^

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