Vista reinstall and SATA in AHCI Mode

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Ok. Here's my issue. Yesterday I formatted and went to reinstall vista on my Dell Inspiron 1720 Laptop. Problem is, the install was hanging at "Completing Installation". After a lot of googling and reading, it's looking like the culprit is my SATA controller. For whatever reason, it doesn't want to install while in AHCI mode. If I set it back to ATA it works fine. Catch 22 - I want to run in AHCI mode but changing SATA modes will require a reinstall as I understand it. I've tried puting the latest drivers on during the DVD boot and install process, but that doesn't seem to be working. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? My current thoughts are to get up and running again, flash the bios to the most current version, try to switch to AHCI without reinstall (probably going to fail), and try to get things up and running again. In the mean time, anyone have any experience with this or have any thoughts?


Ok, found a M$ knowledge base article suggesting that I *might* be able to enable the drivers via regedit. Seems kinda retarded that it won't detect ahci on install, but w/e.
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