Valve is truly awesome.

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Jun 9, 2009
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Think about what Valve has done. The Humble Indie bundle has gotten more wide spread recognition than ever before due to Valves marketing campaign, which advertises Portal 2 nicely, and also helps out Indie Devs. All money made from the Bundle is donated to charity.

On top of that, buying these games that donate to charity help Portal 2 release faster, and contribute a @Folding of that's computational power put towards curing diseases.

I mean really, can you think of a bigger win? Everyones getting something, and it improves Valves image nicely.

Bravo Valve for showing us excellence once again.
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Aug 26, 2010
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Yes, Valve's awesome is only rivaled by (Valve_Time*2)^INFINITY.

But, we are in need of a few corrections.

1. The Official site is[email protected]/ which you already know, but add it in for convenience (and De-confusion).
2. The Humble Bundle has nothing to do with Valve. It is actually the Potato Sack that is dealing with the games.
3. I really haven't heard anything about the Charity, so better check that.

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