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- Chapter 1 - Prologue -

“Archers! Ready!”


The sky darkened as thousands of wooden projectiles filled the sky above the blood soaked battle field. Steel clashed against steel as sword and spear were all brought to bear. The sound of blood lusting screams and Battle Chargers being brought down with or without their riders filled the once placid air filling it with the scent of death and the metallic smell of blood.


They were the only words Ichigo could make out over the battle which unfolded before him. He could no longer tell which side he belonged to. The cluster **** before him no longer had two visible sides, only one giant group of animals fiercely grabbing at each other’s throats – They were no better than dogs.


A second hail of wooden projectiles darkened the sky above him and he watched as the arrows rained down over the pack of dogs without regard of friendlies within the pack;

Collateral damage

Or something like that they called it, either way it was sickening. Gargled screams came from the group as arrowheads pierced armour and flesh alike. Despite the fact that the archers were hitting their own army is was apparent that the king’s army was winning. It was for this reason he and the others had been called. Petty conjurers they had been called by the general public but it was known by very few that is was only a way to make a living, their powers ran far deeper than that. Within the minority who knew them they were known as kings, each of them wielding powers beyond human comprehension yet at the same time it was rumoured that any who stood against them would never live to tell of their encounter.

Ichigo glanced to his left where a second one of his team of four was standing who turned his head slightly towards Ichigo.

“It is time Blaze. Let’s finish what we came for.”

The man addressed as Blaze nodded and stepped ahead of the group of four who all donned similar hooded cloaks which shrouded their faces in shadow removing his own. His short, spiky hair rustled free of the cloaks hood and glowed with a vibrant orange as the sun shone down on it.


Ichigo looked around to the other two and nodded then began to approach the battlefield.


Blaze grinned as the sky darkened to a cloud of arrows, holding his right arm over the opposite shoulder he threw it outwards until it was fully extended to his side and one by one the wooden arrows ignited.

For that second the battle drew to a halt as the darkened sky lit up with thousands of tiny pieces of burning shrapnel which rained down over the two battling armies.

From the safety of his castle the king looked down over the battle and noticed the amber haired man with his arm outstretched as the burning debris fell around him and the three others who were approaching the warring armies. Biting down on his lip he cursed under his breath as his battle assessors stood in awe watching as the other three cloaked figures removed their hoods revealing a male accompanied by two females. Ichigo - A man with short white scruffy hair, Rikura - A cute girl with shoulder length maroon hair and Mika - Another beautiful girl with short dark blue hair.

“Oh no...” The king frantically turned to his group of advisors and ordered the remaining factions of his forces be deployed to kill the four cloaked attackers.

“Sire... Are you sure? That would leave you with no defence should the enemy breach the castle walls.” One replied.

“Just do it!”

The advisors agreed in unison and walked off into the castle to summon the remaining forces to war leaving the king to sit biting his bottom lip unaware it had begun bleeding.

As the two armies stood as if stuck in time staring towards the sky wondering what had happened moments before Ichigo spoke up above the masses.

“Army of Altarforge! Throw down your weapons and surrender this castle immediately.”

The two armies began whispering amongst each other, neither army knew who these four were nor were they told of any such people arriving. One knight stepped forward from the group, his armour stained with blood and dented in various areas across his chest and shoulders.

“And who are you? Some priest trying to keep peace in this world of violence and bloodshed? Do not mock us with your foolish ideals.”

Mika laughed, “More fools who would rather think with their ****s than with their heads.”

A second soldier stepped forward eyeing Mika.

“I guess we are in a way, but that’s okay. Once we are done killing your friends and these idiots we will show you just how much we think with our ****s little girl.”

The knight leered sideways at the soldier who was clearly not all there.

Mika turned to Rikura and gestured towards the pigheaded soldier.

“You want him?”

“Ugh.. He’s all yours.” Rikura gaged before she turned away and walked over beside Ichigo waving her hand as if shooing something.

Mika chuckled turning to face the soldier who was still ogling her chest which wasn’t well disguised even under the robes. She smiled, footmen were such pigs.

Slowly she turned her gaze he Blaze who could only see her looking at him from the corner of his eye, gently he nodded his head and at that exact moment the footmen burst into flames. One by one the flame spread from soldier to soldier, with the exception of the knight who had stood forward in protest of their abrupt interruption.

As the group of soldiers began rolling around in panic trying to put themselves out the four approached the knight yet only Ichigo spoke.

“Consider yourself lucky, we are going to spare your life provided you do us a favour.”

The knight gulped, looking over his shoulder at the burning bodies which ran around in anarchy behind him, screaming in pain as the flesh was burnt from their bones one by one falling to the blood stained earth.

The knight turned back to Ichigo and knelt down bowing his head.

“What is it that you wish.”

----- --- -----​

As the remnants of the kings army rushed towards the castle gates they were interrupted by a single knight, a knight who was loyal to the king who stopped the army entirely.

The uneasy warrior stood tall, standing above the force and boldly addressing them.

“Soldiers and followers of the great king! Allow me passage to him so that I may put this bloodshed to an end!”

The army muttered amongst themselves in unison however they knew the price of ignoring the orders of a high ranking knight.

As the army parted like an ocean of water the king himself and his advisors stood at the end.

Without hesitation the knight walked through the parted sea of soldiers willing their lives for the safety and protection of their king but it was at that very moment the negotiations ended. Before even the first words of peace had been mentioned the knight heard the great wooden doors of the outer rim of the castle splinter and break. In an instant the sea of soldiers closed around him as if he wasn’t even there. The distant sounds of flames licking at wooden huts and strong gusts of wind knocking over piles of crates and food stocks itched at the back of his neck making him more and more nervous.

As the army of soldiers readied for the oncoming battle the knight paused in thought, staring at the massive wooden doors which were the last barrier between the four conjurers and the remnants of the king’s army.

It wasn’t until he could hear winds of the storm king battering against the final blockade the he realised he was walking forward towards the doors muttering under his breath.

“No... It’s not over; I have not completed my task.”

The great doors cracked loudly against the brass bars which locked the doors from invaders, louder and louder in protest of the winds which smashed against them until finally everything gave way. The shields of the army raised in one singular motion creating a wall of iron and before them all stood the knight whom had lost his place in the world from the moment the four had spared his life and in that moment, when all had become so unclear to him, the doors gave way.

Thousands of large splinters and chunks of bronze framework flew into every direction of the room hailing over the wall of shields which stood to protect the king from harm leaving the room echoing with the screaming knight who’s flesh was shredded wherever his armour didn’t cover it.

Carefully the king glanced over the wall of shields to look at this attacker instantly recognising Ichigo.

“It has been a long time since we last met Ichigo. How have you been?”

Ichigo remained silent, the hurricane like winds which swirled around him tugging at his robes.

The king could only laugh, this was the Ichigo he knew.

“Kill them all.”

The wall of shields dropped and the sound of unsheathing swords echoed throughout the room.

Ichigo turned to his left with a smirk on his face.

“Rikura, it’s time.”

Rikura nodded stepping towards the army.

Sparks of lightning crashed outward from underneath her robes and as the army began its charge forward in unison her powers kicked in.

Each soldiers sword and shield became heavy, the face of each individual turned to fear as one by one they realised what was happening, their weapons were being drawn towards their armour. Inch by inch the soldiers struggled to hold their weapons at bay until they finally gave out.

Blood spewed onto the cold marble and slate floor, as sword and shield alike rattled and clanged to the ground followed by the meaty thuds of soldiers falling into pools of their own blood. The king froze as if time had held the moment inside his eyes for him to see.

The sight burned into his mind and he dropped to his knees before Ichigo who was by now standing at his side.

“Only one more life needs to be taken today.”

The king nodded, his body trembling with disbelief as Ichigo stepped closer.

As the gurgled scream filled the room as Mika stood over the bleeding body of the knight who was still alive, if only barely.

“You made a good tool for a period there.”

The knight forced out a weary smile showing his blood stained teeth as it dripped from the corner of his mouth.

“For that, congratulations, you get to live.”

The knight chucked painfully, cringing after the first few exhales.

Mika smiled, running her hand over the knight’s plate mail before standing up and walking over to Ichigo and Blaze.

“Inform that half-wit that his castle has been cleared.” Muttered Ichigo over his shoulder to Blaze.

Blaze nodded and looked over to the knight before turning to Mika smiling.

“You can be such a cruel girl sometimes.”

Mika shot back a cute smile and began walking over to the king’s beheaded body.

“Do you really need to take his head off?”

Ichigo glared in response, picking up the head and tossing it to her.

“You go with Blaze and get this sorted out.”

Mika smiled.

“You know, Ichi, you shouldn’t get so uptight about this whole thing. Plus, you and angry don’t blend well.”

Ichigo snarled.

“I told you not to call me that.”

Mika only laughed over her shoulder in response as she turned and headed out behind Blaze who only glanced down at the knight on his way out.

“Sorry mate.” He grinned gesturing over at Mika, “You know how they get at that time of the month.”

“I heard that *******!” grumbled Mika over Blaze’s shoulder, slapping him in the black of the head hard enough to knock him slightly off balance.

Blaze grumbled and saluted the knight before walking out with Mika in tow.

The knight could only lay there, pondering at what the orange haired man had meant when his armour began to rust and break apart falling into his wounds. It was only then that he realised, but it was too late to even beg for forgiveness or give his final requests.
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Oh you remade the thread.

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Oh you remade the thread.

Sorry didnt notice ^^

/goes read from where the first thread left off/

EDIT:Very nice :p

Cant wait to read the continuation of this :p
I should have the second part posted tomorrow :D

EDIT: It will be posted as soon as I get the time to type it up.. I'm halfway done but work is kicking my ass. :/

Hopefully it will be up by the end of today.

EDITED EDIT: *snicker* Almost done... Just a few more pages to go
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- Chapter 2 - Harsh Realities -

Ichigo woke up in a cold sweat, the dream just wouldn’t let go. After nearly fifteen years the dream still haunted him. This was not what a King is to use his powers for, this wasn’t right.

Rolling over in his bed of messed up sheets he could smell the sweet scent of bacon and eggs cooking and a gentle smile grew on his face, Rikura, she had always supported him over the years.

From the other room he could hear the cheerful voices of Blaze and Mika who were hanging around as always. They practically never left.

Pulling himself from his bed he walked slowly to the next room to find Mika and Blaze attacking each other on the floor with Rikura cooking breakfast. A lot had changed in the world since that day fifteen years ago. New rulership of the country, various developments in weaponry and armour, even the city itself in which they all lives had undergone major changes. Though despite how the world had changed around them the four of them had barely aged a single day.

It was a side effect of the powers they had obtained, though they were all still entirely mortal in every aspect, their powers refused to let their bodies age normally. To them a year was little more than a day, but they made the most of each on never-the-less.

Upon entering the room the scuffle between Mika and Blaze stopped, both looking towards Ichigo who was dressed in no more than an old pair of pants.

“Nice to see you’re finally awake mate.” Joked Blaze. “Thought we might have needed to resort to some cold water.”

Mika who was pinned underneath Blaze giggled drawing Ichigo’s attention.

“You stay away from me you overgrown water bottle.”

Both Blaze and Mika burst out laughing as Ichigo drowsily wandered over to Rikura and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

Rikura and Ichigo lived together in the same place, a small house which had been offered to them by the new king as a reward for helping him take the castle fifteen years ago. While all four had been asked individually Rikura and Ichigo had chosen to live together. Mika and Blaze on the other hand had chosen to live apart even though Blaze usually freeloaded at Mika’s place anyway.

Blaze and Mika were childhood friends and had been together for as long as anyone could remember, yet despite their adult appearances and true ages the two of them both still acted like the same two kids Ichigo had bumped into decades ago.

Ichigo had originally run into them when they were playing around in the local markets just after they had knocked over a large pile of fruit crates. They had been playing in much the same way as they were now; throwing each other around trying to pin the other to the ground. Ichigo remembered the day all too clearly, he ended up taking the blame for them by saying that they were his two younger siblings who he had let escape his sight. The resulting lecture on responsibility was more than punishment for him.

Ichigo looked back at the two and smiled, they were hard to hate as annoying as they could be.

“Kids can be such a neusance.” He whispered to Rikura.

She only smiled back.

Rikura was the late joiner of the group. She had ironically run into Ichigo whilst he was training one day and just followed him around out of curiosity, watching in secret until one day Ichigo was injured by a stray lance in a small skirmish. After the battle had ended she was able to salvage Ichigo’s body from the corpses. He was barely alive but after months of caring and nurturing him she had grown to like him, however, one day whilst watching him train she was struck by a freak bolt of lightning. Though neither understood just how it happened she somehow managed to inherit her abilities through the events which happened that day.

While Rikura didn’t inherit her powers from birth like the others, she was still one of the most powerful of the group.

The four of them were regarded as gods by those who told stories and rumours of their deeds however to those who actually knew them they were known as Kings and as far as anyone knew the only ones who wielded such devastatingly powerful abilities. While myths and rumours of sorcerers and other types of magi spread like wildfire the real truth of their existence was entirely unknown.

Looking over at Blaze and Mika who were still attacking each other Ichigo shook his head.

“So what do you two have planned for today?”

Blaze looked up and grunted as he pushed Mika away.

“Well apparently they say that an army is coming to take the castle.”

Ichigo laughed, picking up a piece of bacon from the frying pan and blowing on it before eating it.

“It’s supposedly the army that’s rumoured to have those magi.”

Blaze began to chuckle loudly before Mika bit the arm he was holding her back with forcing him to jerk his arm from her teeth.

“Ow, you little *****.”

Mika grinned bearing her teeth.

“I don’t see why we wouldn’t have been told about all this though.” Said Rikura quietly. “After all, if the rumours are true you’d think the king would be asking for our help again.”

“He never asked for it last time if I remember correctly.” Interrupted Mika. “As I recall it he begged Ichigo.”

Everyone turned to Ichigo who throw another piece of bacon in his mouth and nodded.

“Guess he’s planning on handling this one on his own.” Suggested Blaze pushing himself to his feet and walking over to Rikura who has nudged Ichigo away from the food and was beginning to serve it.

“I guess time will tell.” Said Rikura handing out plates of food to everyone.

The conversation was left at that, replaced by the sound of Blaze and Mika stuffing their faces.

----- --- -----​

The day was cold, almost icy. The air was still but the city was still lively. Blaze and Mika had gone their separate ways and Rikura and Ichigo were out shopping for food. The streets were alive as always with children playing and people bartering for cheaper prices.

Everything they wanted was free within the castle walls; a second deal which Mika mad made prior to them leaving. No one asked questions whenever they came to collect food or clothing or any other items they were after, everyone just smiled and gave thanks for aiding the king in his conquest of the castle and while no one but the king knew the truth of what happened that day everyone did know that they had played an important role.

Each day had been carefree aside Mika and Blaze attacking each other on a regular basis but that had become normal a long time ago. It wasn’t until a few months had passed that Ichigo began to notice some of the town guards acting odd. More and more they had been watching his actions, each time he passed them they would smile courteously however once his back was turned the smiles turned to glares of anger. At first he simply took it as envy but when he returned home from a walk the next day he was welcomed by two standing on either side of his front door with their weapons drawn, he knew it had to be something much more.

As he approached the two their readied weapons drew back as if they wanted to attack him but knew better.

“Can I help you two.”

Ichigo was hardly asking it as question.

“The battle fifteen years ago.” One started, his armour rustling as he shifted his stance. “Many died on that day for the sake of this castle, many from both armies.

The guard’s voice was aggravated.

“Yes, and?” Replied Ichigo in the same demanding tone as before.

“Our fathers were murdered by your actions that day freak!” Screamed the guard through clenched teeth. “Our families were destroyed because of you!”

Ichigo shrugged uninterested.

“Your king sent us to do a job.” Replied Ichigo in a serious tone. “He never mentioned whose side we were fighting for.”

Both guards snarled at the abrupt statement still gritting their teeth.

“Now.” Started Ichigo. “Where is Rikura?”

The second guard took a step forward and spoke up for the first time.

“The girl is with the king and the other two freaks, they aren’t here to protect you like they were that day.”

Ichigo who was dressed in a loose dull brown cloak as usual crossed his arms in front of him, his calm expression turning to agitation.

“You you both honestly think that I use them as bodyguards?” Snarled Ichigo, his robes tugging in a sudden gust of wind. “I truly pity your poorly informed souls.”

The guards stepped forward ignoring what was just said.

“Of the little group of freaks as you call us, I am the most powerful!” muttered Ichigo throwing his arms to his sides with clenched fists. “I am the Hurricane King!”

The wind which tugged at Ichigo’s robes pulled stronger, swirling around him until it could be heard whistling around him.

“Now!” Growled Ichigo. “Would you like to disappear from my sight or would you like me to show you just what I’m capable of without the others restraining me?!”

The two guards stood their ground, their armour rattling in the strengthening wind clutching their weapons.

“Foolish bastards. . .”

The guards stepped up into attacking range and reared their weapons back ready to attack but as soon as the first did Ichigo’s eyes shot wide open, throwing his arm towards the guards with his hand open and the heel of his palm extended forward. In an instant the guards were hit by an unseen force of immeasurable strength. Dust and rocks flew across exposed flesh at blistering speeds leaving hundreds of tiny cuts and scratches; armoured plates buckled and bent against their will forcing them up against fragile ribs.

Before either knew what was happening both were hunched up against the side of Ichigo’s house. Both were silent aside the weak, shaky breaths which desperately filled crushed lungs. Fortunately for both, the pain had yet to overcome the adrenaline.

The two sat, slumped against the wall, blood dripping from the hundreds of cuts and scratches etched across their bodies, one was even unlucky enough to have been impaled in the shoulder by his own weapon which he still held onto weakly.

Ichigo ****ed his head slightly and spat on the ground in front of them, turning towards the castle’s keep and walking off to where Rikura and the others were said to be wondering what the old fool needed them for this time.

----- --- -----​

Room by room Ichigo moved towards the hall where the king's voice echoed loudly.

“The time has come! Today we see if this army is really the threat they believe to be!”

The king was a foolish man who acted upon impulse and relied far too much upon the strength of his army. One could consider him to be a coward except his voice was powerful.

As Ichigo stormed through the large doorway leading into the hall his presence was enough to disrupt the kings speech and the army in unison turned to face him.

To the left of the massive army stood Rikura with Blaze and Mika on either side of her. All three donned the same dull brown robes as Ichigo with the hoods pulled over their heads concealing their faces. Ichigo hurriedly pulled his hood over his head and joined them as the king continued his speech to the soldiers.

“So the army really is coming.” Whispered Ichigo to Blaze keeping his head facing forward.

“Yeah, but it’s a lot more than expected.” Replied Blaze in a concerned voice. “A hundred and fifty on horseback, five hundred on foot, siege weapons and all.”

“Well they definitely don’t want to take the castle in one piece then.”

“That’s not all.” Interrupted Mika.

Blaze turned his head to face Ichigo.

“There are twelve others who wear blue robes similar to the ones we wear.”

“Probably just priests.” Shrugged Ichingo.

“That’s what we thought too but the robes conceal light armour plates.”

Ichigo turned to face Blaze with a confused look on his face.

“We believe they are the sorcerers people are talking about.” Sighed Blaze.

“The scouts are calling them Battle Magi.”

Ichigo shook his head in disbelief.

The movement of the group attracted the attention of a few soldiers who began to chatter amongst themselves.

“So who have we agreed to this time?”

“What ever we come up with.” Chirped Mika proudly.

Ichigo smiled, this was definitely going to be hard earned.

“The army arrives in roughly one day! We will meet them at the walls and we will destroy them.”

The hall filled with the cheering of an entire army and clanging steel and as the armies roar reached it’s pinnacle the four kings began to leave preparing themselves for the oncoming battle.

The group threw back their hoods as they left the hall in a tight group.

“I don’t like the sound of this whole thing guys.” Muttered Rikura. “It’s more than we expected.”

Mika nodded in agreement.

“Even these Battle Magi are extremely unexpected, I mean we know next to nothing about them outside of the rumours which have been going around.”

“Keep together tomorrow.” Warned Ichigo. “We defend each other first, this stupid castle second.”

The group nodded in agreement.

“We stick together at all costs.”
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Hurricane king :p

Like the sound of that.

Not much to say. This chapter seems like the calm before the storm so it kinda got me hyped up for the battle ahead XD
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Hurricane king :p

Like the sound of that.

Not much to say. This chapter seems like the calm before the storm so it kinda got me hyped up for the battle ahead XD
Glad you're enjoying it so far. ^_^

I was going for a bit more of a descriptive insight on the main characters' personalities since they really didn't get much other than a brief visual description in the first chapter. Also I was hoping for a bit of anticipation towards the end there and maybe draw in a few more people to tell me what they think of it so far. :rolleyes:

With any luck the next chapter will be up within a few days, a week at the latest depending on my work situation. :smile:

EDIT: At this rate I'll have two chapters ready for you guys within the week. The next one is completed and I've begun typing it out I doubt I'll get it done before I have to go to work today but it will definitely be up for you guys tomorrow!

Work on the following chapter will begin tonight so stay tuned!

EDITED EDIT: While typing out the next chapter I noticed a few problems with how I'd written it. There will be a slight delay in the posting of the next chapter but I promise it will be up as soon as humanly possible.
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- Chapter 3 - Tides Of War -

Ichigo awoke the next morning to the sound of war drums battering in the distance and armour clanging through the streets. Pulling himself from his bed he turned and shook Rikura who was dead to the world until she finally woke up.

“It’s time.” He whispered to her.

Rikura nodded drowsily and slid out of bed, grabbing her cloak from the chair she had hung it off the night before and throwing it over herself. As she adjusted the robe she stared worriedly over at Ichigo. Who was pulling up his hood staring into nothingness.


Ichigo jumped, causing more concern from Rikura.

“As ready as I’m ever going to be.” He smiled back. “Let’s go and meet up with the others and get this over and done with.”

Rikura nodded and both headed out into the streets which were lined with hundreds of marching soldiers all headed to the main gates where the rest of the army as assembling, hurriedly they joined the line of marching soldiers and the two made their way towards the main gates themselves.

Upon arriving at the main gates Ichigo and Rikura were greeted by a team of advisors with troubled faces. Immediately Ichigo knew what it meant - Miscalculation.

“The enemy army is about ten minutes out, we believe all their siege equipment has been setup and will be ready to fire by around the same time.”

Ichigo stared at the advisor who was trying to catch his breath as he spoke.

“One other thing.” He forced out between deep breaths. “The army is roughly three times what our scouts originally informed us.”


Ichigo looked at Rikura in shock, his hood barely shrouded his troubled expression.

A soldier’s voice in the background calling to the advisors drew their attention from Ichigo who stood in total awe.

Three times the original estimates




Ichigo snapped from his trance looking towards the voice calling him, Mika, who had seen Ichigo standing in a daze and was by this time holding him by his collar shaking him.

“Blaze.” Ichigo stuttered. “Where’s Blaze?”

“Right here mate, what’s wrong?”

“They ****ed up.”

Blaze stood silent with a confused look on his face not sure how to respond.

“There’s a lot more than we were told.”

“More?!” Replied Blaze and Mika in unison.

“Just how many more are we talking?” Blaze added.

“Roughly triple the expected number.”

“That’s impossible.” Mika retorted, shaking her head in disbelief.

“So now what are we going to do?” Questioned Rikura whose voice was beginning to shake.

Ichigo opened his mouth to speak but couldn’t find words, turning his head to face the screaming voice in the background.

A man on horseback charged into the horde of soldiers and straight to the advisors saying something which Ichigo couldn’t hear over the rabble but before he could even begin to approach the advisors the army began to shuffle at the orders of their superiors.


The single loud bellow of the chief advisor was followed by several repetitions from officers giving the same order to their detachments.

The four of them all turned to face the horizon which was slowly beginning to darken with the movement of enemy lines and as the castle defenders finished forming up all went silent.

Not a single sound could be heard as the enemy army approached with the exception of the enemies deliberate march towards them echoing in the distance.

Ahead of the army rode a messenger who appeared unarmed and unarmoured. As Ichigo and the others pushed their way to the front of the castles army the messenger immediately approached them.

Dismounting from his horse the messenger saluted and addressed them.

Defenders of this forsaken castle. We, the forces of Maelstrom Peak, ask you to throw down your weapons and abandon this place at once.”

Ichigo lowered his head further hiding his face under the hood.

“And if we refuse?”

The messenger hinted over his shoulder to the massive army which was forming to his back.

“Are you honestly that keen to die?”

“Do you have any idea who you are talking to fool?” Snarled Ichigo.

The messenger smiled.

“Merely some overconfident advisor.”

Ichigo’s expression turned to humour.

“Fool, tell your army to turn around and march back to where ever the **** you came from and never look back and we may forget you ever existed.”

The messenger turned and pulled himself onto his horse.

“I shall deliver that message, your reply will come soon.”

And so it begins

Ichigo smiled, throwing back his hood which the others did as well watching as the messenger reported to his commander. Within a minute a burning arrow flew into the azure sky.

Ichigo began to walk towards the enemy army with the others in tow watching as the first flaming siege projectile soared overhead marking the start of the battle as it smashed into the side of the castle wall exploding in a hail of burning shrapnel which sprayed down into the castle moat.

To his back Ichigo could hear the sound of commanders giving their final orders as the first column of soldiers began to march forwards and in turn so did the enemy’s.

Ichigo stopped in the middle of the two closing detachments waiting patiently for them to get closer as another flaming projectile flew overhead landing in the moat.

Ichigo looked either side of him at his companions.

“The wind is strong today; we may actually stand a chance.”

The group nodded as the enemy army started to charge.

“Let’s do this!” Screamed Ichigo.

In that instant, as Ichigo’s voice drowned in the war cries of each army, Blaze’s body ignited in flames. Like a burning aura the flames licked at the grassy earth burning the ground around him slowly spreading outward.

As the two armies began to clash around the four filling the air with blood and violence Ichigo noticed from each side of the warring forces two divisions of soldiers on horseback charging in to surround the castle defenders. It had all been one big trap.

As the mounted soldiers hit the defenders it was the beginning of chaos, a third burning projectile landed amongst a mass of soldiers exploding over both friendly and enemy forces however the misplaced projectile did not slow the battle at all.

Looking around Ichigo watched as weapons of steel cleaved into flesh spilling crimson life over the once vibrant emerald fields.

May god have mercy. . .

Blaze turned to Ichigo as the flaming ring around him grew further outward burning away at the land.

“Yes, let’s do this.” He muttered.

Ichigo extended his arms outward for a second before crossing them over his chest clenching his fists.

For the lives we take today.

Ichigo’s robes began to flutter more and more as the wind grew stronger and stronger until finally he threw his arms out, hands open, catching Blaze’s flames causing a wave of flame in a massive circle around the four igniting everything and everyone in its path.

Screams deafened the roars of battle and the clashing of steel as hundreds of soldiers dropped to the scorched earth.

The king who stood atop the main gates overseeing the battle held his breath as the first wave of death was unleashed upon the battlefield causing severe casualties to both armies. Slowly he lowered his head in shame, gently shaking it as one of the advisors ran to his side breathing feverishly.

“Sire.” He forced out between breaths. “The kings are slaughtering our men, was this such a good idea?”

The king remained silent, still with his head lowered.


The king raised his head back to witness a second wave of flame engulf the remaining enemy detachment, hearing the cheers of his army which still stood on standby.

“We have organised with the soldiers a plan to minimise the casualties.” Said the king watching as swords and shields from the dead flew upward towards the enemy lines and hailed down over them.

As a second and third group detached from the enemy army Mika noticed a fourth group start approaching from deep behind the enemy lines.

Gently she nudged Ichigo who noticed immediately what she had seen. The group of men and women donning blue robes.

“Only twelve they say.” Rikura mocked.

“Jesus. . .” gasped Blaze. “There’s gotta be at least a hundred.”

“Something about this isn’t right.” muttered Ichigo.

Rikura looked over her shoulder to where the king was observing from the wall, narrowing her eyes. The next detachment hadn’t started advancing and archers were beginning to form along the wall.

“Guys.” Rikura uneasily pushed out.

“Heads up!” yelled Blaze as another projectile began to arch downwards towards them.

All four looked upward and dove in different directions as the flaming object rocketed into the ground between them.

Rikura pushed herself to her feet turning to see the second division marching towards them with the enemy’s two charging towards them.


Before she could even turn to find Ichigo, the two armies collided in a flurry of steel and limbs. Blood thirsty roars and screams for mercy filled the air once more only this time Rikura could hear a call of battle far too familiar.


“Oh no. . .” she said quietly amidst the sounds of clashing steel. “Ichigo. . .”

In an act of desperation she closed her eyes listening as weapons parried around her and bashed against armour plates. The echo in her mind could sense each individual weapon as she slowly imagined them to rise, and they did.


Her eyes widened as the sky darkened and sword and spear hailed downward on their owners piercing flesh and armour alike. Behind her she could hear the sickening gargle of peoples lungs being filled with fluid; a trait of Mika. The day was humid enough for her to be at her peak.

“Mika!” She screamed over the rabble as bodies dropped around her, some barely clinging to life trying to pull their weapons from themselves.

From another side she could see and feel the flames of Blaze’s aura and abilities but Ichigo was nowhere to be seen.

As she stepped closer over the dying bodies of soldiers from both sides she saw the reflection of flames in the armour of the soldiers on the ground, looking upward she noticed the arrows ignite leaving burning arrowheads and splinters raining down over the armies.

Stepping over a newly downed soldier who had been hit in the neck by a falling arrowhead she continued to fight her way towards where Mika was.


Blaze nodded in approval of his handy works as the hail of burning splinters began to clear. Lowering his hand he looked around as soldiers of both armies ran towards the moat screaming in agony as pieces of burning wood pierced their skin igniting it. Some barley making it half way before the pain caused them to pass out and fall amongst the piles of dead which littered the battlefield or were identified as enemies of the king’s army and cut down by the next advancing wave.


Blaze’s breath caught in his throat; the two waves of the enemy army were closing. Turning he head to where a massive amount of clanging was coming from he noticed a flurry of swords spiral around like a massive blender.

“Heh.” He muttered to himself. “Looks like Rikura is having fun.”

In a sudden burst his aura reignited searing the hand of a soldier who was sneaking up behind to grab him.

“Sorry mate.” Blaze joked. “No time to play today.”

Blaze stepped forward throwing his arm around at a group of soldiers who stood between him and where he assumed Rikura was sending a wall of flame in a massive arch in front of him before he remembered about the archers.”

Oh damn.


Mika stepped backwards as another soldier stepped towards her clutching his choking neck with one hand and frantically swinging his sword at her with the other.

“Why won’t you apes just die?” She screamed at him clenching her raised fist causing the soldier to fall down choking as he attempted to inhale.

Turning her head to the darkening sky of arrows she prayed that Blaze was still alive to stop this lot. Frantically watching the sky as the hail of death closed in she noticed another large flaming object fly overhead and slam into the castle wall. The siege weapons were still active. Seconds later the sky lit up again as the thousands of arrows ignited and burnt up.

Thank you Blaze.

As Mika turned to dodge a horizontal slash from a sword she managed to run her fingers along the soldiers armour with a smile on her face as a friendly soldier came from behind. As the armour started to rust the friendly soldier jumped, thrusting his sword into his targets spine and kicking his knees out forcing him to kneel before Mika as he died.

Mika only smiled as the soldier nodded his head in approval and turned back to join the fight.

Looking back over the battle Mika could see a storm of weapons being thrown around sending flesh and blood in every direction.

Rikura is coming.

A gentle smile filled her face, as a second large explosion of flame towered over the battle. Blaze wasn’t far off either. Looking around again she realised that Ichigo was nowhere to be seen and as the panic set in she heard the commanders yell out once again.


Ichigo looked around in hope of catching sight of someone without avail, letting loose another wall of hurricane like air around him knocking friendly and enemy soldiers alike meters away from him. Weapons which lay freely on the ground were blown in all directions without regard for life impaling any soldier who stood in their flight path.


Rikura, Mika, Blaze. He couldn’t see any of them amongst the sea of steel and blood. He tried calling out but his cries fell deaf to the sound of battle. They had been separated, something had gone wrong. Turning around releasing another pulse of thundering air around him he stared at where the king stood - Amongst all his advisors, amongst all his archers and body guards, standing and watching as his army died for him. The concept of such ‘leadership’ made him sick.

Looking over the bloodied field he could see the group of blue clad Magi approaching him. Each held in their hands a different element which they played with freely as if they were bored or just showing off.

Ichigo snarled watching as one in the front row raised his arm back, throwing it forward releasing a large shard of ice. Ichigo had only a moment to ponder about the situation as the shard speared through the armour of one of his own soldiers and straight towards Ichigo.

He knew he was surrounded by friendlies mixed with enemies and he knew the cost of any friendly in this scenario was a large one. Ichigo shook his head as the speared soldier dropped to the ground and threw his own arm towards the icy spear, hand opened, fingers extended as if holding something out. In an instant the shard of ice stopped dead in the air cracking loudly before shattering into thousands of tiny shards which were blasted back towards their source.

In one singular motion the group of Magi scattered out into a massive line in order to avoid the thousands of tiny shards of death.

“Amateurs.” Roared Ichigo. “Come and try your luck!”


The sudden shout caused Ichigo to turn to face the castle wall as thousands of arrows soared up into the clear blue sky.

Blaze don’t let me down now.

As the cloud of arrows reached their apex and began their decent Ichigo began to sweat.

Please Blaze Please.

The bombardment of tiny wooden and steel projectiles fell violently as gravity inched them closer to earth and as they closed in on him Ichigo managed a wry smile.

“Blaze. . . You always were a bastard.”

Ichigo clenched his eyes shut hearing the whistling of arrow fletching through the air when the sound of flames rocketed past him. Opening one eye cautiously he saw a large siege projectile fly through the hail of arrows before landing amongst a group of friendlies.

Ichigo couldn’t help but laugh - Saved by the enemy how ironic.

As he turned back to face the line of Magi he noticed the one who had initially attached him had stepped forward.

“Ichigo” He said in a demanding voice.

“Who wants to know?” replied Ichigo ****ily

“We would like to.”

Ichigo huffed loudly as if laughing.

“If you clowns want to know who I am then you’ll have to beat it out of me.”

The Magi addressing him turned to his right and nodded.

“We had considered that option however. . .” Movement behind the row of Maji started up as three bodies were dragged from a pile of corpses. “You nor these three are any good to us dead.”

Instantly Ichigo noticed Blaze’s hair, his face was swollen and bleeding.

“Bastards!” screamed Ichigo.

“Now we would like your co-operation.” Continued the Magi

The soldier holding Blaze tossed him to the ground in front of Ichigo as the other two were dragged over beside the Magi who was talking.

“Because it would be an awful shame if something were to happen to either of these two.”

Ichigo cringed looking at Rikura and Mika. Rikura’s face was in the same bruised and bleeding state as Blaze’s. Her arm was cut and bleeding out into her robe which had stuck to the open wound. Mika however was in the worst shape of the lot. An arrow was still impaled through her right shoulder which was bleeding out slowly and her body was riddled with tiny cuts from where she had been glanced by swords. It was immediately apparent that she was unconscious.

The soldier holding the two pushed their lifeless bodies forward towards Ichigo who watched in pain as the arrow in Mika’s shoulder pushed itself out slightly, the shaft stained with blood.

Ichigo trembled with anger, clenching his fists at his side.


Something had been very wrong. All from the start.


Ichigo turned to face the King who was still standing atop the castle wall.

Traitor. . .

“Traitor!” Screamed Ichigo.

“Our school of Magi could learn much from you four.” Said the Magi in the same demanding tone as before. “Your king offered to help us in your capture in return for the safety of his castle and its people.

Ichigo snarled, turning back to face the Magi who was pretending to be so dominant of the situation.

“Your right.” muttered Ichigo through clenched teeth. “You can learn a lot from us.”

“I’m glad we -”

“You can learn why we are not to be betrayed!”

“Your friends cannot help you Ichigo.” remarked the Magi. “They were taken down with ease.”

“Don’t be a fool.” Insisted another.

“You are up against two whole armies and if these archers fire now both you and your friends will die.”

Ichigo laughed.

“Is that so? Well I guess we will have to test that theory then won’t we.”
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Nice development :p

Im actually at a loss for words but im very eager to read the next part XD

GJ Kel

The next chapter should be up sometime over the next week. Glad you're enjoying it! ~Kel
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Next Chapter will be delayed a few more days guys, sorry...

I was too busy at work to finish another chapter, I'll make sure I get it done ASAP.
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Next Chapter will be delayed a few more days guys, sorry...

I was too busy at work to finish another chapter, I'll make sure I get it done ASAP.
Take your time.

That reminds me. I need to update my BIO ^^

It's only about 40% complete so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it done. I have an idea of how I want it to go but I'm struggling to find the right words to get it there. ~Kel
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- Chapter 4 - Betrayal -


Ichigo looked upwards towards to darkened sky filled with arrows which quietly descended over the area he and the others were in. Slowly a smile grew on his blood spattered face.

“You’re all fools.”

The group of magi stared toward Ichigo with vulture like eyes as a gentle wind pulled at their azure robes. It had come to this, the deaths of the most powerful of the sorcerers. The leader shook his head and muttered below his breath words which brought a drop in moral of the entire division of magi.

“Such a waste.”

Ichigo’s robes rustled around, pulling in several directions around him. The group of magi could feel it as well, a power screaming against unseen restraints knowing it was soon to be unleashed.

Ichigo remained staring at the arrows as they fell, the simple grin of satisfaction remained. In the back of his mind he could feel it. Ripping at his conscience, screaming for release it was like the time before, 15 years ago.

----- --- -----​

“Only one ore life needs to be taken today.”

The king nodded, reaching under his cape grabbing something concealed to all four of them. Ichigo looked over to Mika who was talking to Blaze and then at Rikura who turned her gaze from the pile of dead soldiers to Ichigo, her cheerful expression turning to horror - It was too late to realise she wasn’t looking at him but at the king who held a dagger in both hands thrusting it towards Ichigo’s chest.

He felt the pain for only a second before his eyes fell to darkness. The ensuing events remained in his mind as flickers of random memories. Nothing was one clear memory.

----- --- -----​

Ichigo closed his eyes, opening them to a haze of red. He watched as the line of magi stepped backward in panic as his robes blew upward as if struck by a gale force wind. Seconds later the hail of arrows came down pelting both armies with their own deathly projectiles.

Ichigo toward to the magi who had originally spoke to him who was pulling an arrow from his comrade’s leg.

“What is your name you worthless fool!” He muttered in an unnaturally agitated voice.

The magi turned to face him ripping the arrow from his friend’s leg resulting in a scream of pain.

“My name is none of your business.”

“I am getting fed up with your games.”

The magi remained silent conjuring up a second large shared of ice and hurling it towards Ichigo who had begun walking towards the line. Watching the ice shared sail towards him through narrowed eyes the screaming voice in his mind called out again and a second time his robes were blown around by another massive gust of air this time towards the ice shard and the line of magi.

As the invisible wall of air hit the shard it crunched loudly splitting in two before being launched back towards the line of magi. The line didn’t even have time to react before the two shards impaled two of the magi who instantly dropped to the bloodied earth, one hit in the chest the other grasping his neck gargling and franticly rolling around as blood spewed from between his fingers.

The lead magi’s face cringed in disgust watching as his comrade’s life slowly faded and the gargling stopped.

“You are a monster.” He scolded.

Ichigo smirked with evil intent in his eyes.

“You’re right.” He scoffed without remorse. “I am a monster.”

The mage looked around at his remaining forces with Ichigo still on his deliberate march forward. Both armies had taken massive losses; the castle defenders were all but destroyed and his own army remained with only two divisions of fifty men each.

“Leave them and what remains of your army can return to whatever hole you crawled out from.” Ichigo snarled closing the distance between himself and the magi rapidly.

The mage gulped but maintained his integrity, shaking his head for lack of words stepping forward to where Mika was lying and ripping the arrow from her shoulder leaving a trail of crimson life flowing through the air in wake of the arrowhead, the ensuing scream making it clear that she had regained consciousness at some point.

Ichigo didn’t even flinch, continuing his paced steps towards the magi with the same demonic glare as before which only changed after the mage, in desperation, grabbed Mika’s hair, yanking it back forcing her to look at Ichigo as the arrowhead was pressed hard up against her neck.

Mika half opened one eye seeing nothing but the blurry outline of Ichigo who was standing a few meters in front of her she opened her mouth to talk but could only manage to cough up more blood.

Ichigo’s eyes narrowed as Mika’s pained expression turned to hopelessness. Her once vibrant smile and beautiful face was bruised and swollen.

The voice in his mind cried out to her screaming as the arrow was pushed harder against her neck slightly cutting the flesh. The small line of blood witch traced around the arrowhead burned into Ichigo’s eyes maddening him further.

“We have run out of time.” Spoke the mage softly to Ichigo who was standing only a couple of feet away by this time. “Make your choice, join us or your friends die.”

Ichigo stopped dead looking over the remaining magi who all stared back like lifeless dolls.

“Yes.” Snarled Ichigo.

The mage looked closely at Ichigo who was still looking over the group of magi.

“I had wondered how a scout could make such a massive miscalculation.”

The mage released the arrow against Mika’s neck slightly.

“And now I know.”

“Know what?” Inquired the mage looking strangely concerned as Ichigo looked over towards the last two divisions of enemy troops.

“You underestimated us entirely didn’t you.” Continued Ichigo as he turned to face where the king was watching from the castle wall.

Ichigo smiled raising his arm and pointing towards the king before running his index finger in a single cutting motion across his neck.

The remnants of both armies looked first at Ichigo’s gesture then to the king who turned around and walked out of sight of the armies with his archers in tow. In his hurried stride over the rattle of arrows and armour behind him he heard a single voice scream out to him.

“You will be a dead man by sundown you old fool.”

The king swallowed his pride and returned to his keep, he knew the price of betrayal to the kings and he knew Ichigo had discovered the whole truth behind the enemy army by now – Not that two divisions could defeat him anyway. With an uneasy smile and a shaky voice he turned to his advisors, inhaling deeply before he spoke.

“Tell what remains of my army to retreat to the castle and tell Ichigo to spare them at least.”

“But what about you sire?” Replied one of the advisors almost instantly.

The king closed his eyes and ignored the question, relaxing himself into his throne where he knew he was to spend his last few hours.

----- --- -----​

From outside on the field littered with corpses, steel and blood Ichigo eyed off the remnants of both armies with a smile on his face almost begging the enemy to attack him.

“You know.” Ichigo said, slowly looking from the army to the mage. “You are a bigger coward than I had originally thought.”

The mage smiled in return.

Ichigo ****ily smiled back in the same way Mika had done to him so many times in the past.

“This is your final warning.” Ichigo said, looking up between the two divisions of enemy troops to a small hill where only one man stood overseeing the enemy forces. “Leave and forget all about this castle, it’s people and us.”

The mages face twisted in contempt as Ichigo remained staring into the distance hearing a voice to his back from atop the castle walls order a retreat.

“Very well, Hurricane King.” Muttered the mage dropping Mika. “But mark my words we will meet again.”

Mika’s head flopped lifelessly down onto the ground face first into a pool of blood she’d coughed up.

The mage slowly stood and stepped away from Mika before turning around and walking back towards the remaining two divisions looking back over his shoulder at Ichigo.

“We’ll be seeing you soon.” He said with a smile, turning back to face the direction he was walking.

Ichigo watched as two of the remaining magi picked up the bodies of two of their own who were barely clinging to life, slinging them over their shoulders and carrying them off behind the mage.

Stepping forward Ichigo yelled back over the entire army as if speaking to the one on the hill despite the fact that he was too far away to hear.

“Next time leave your petty illusions behind sorcerer.”

The mage stopped suddenly letting the others walk past him before he turned back to face Ichigo.

“The next time we meet there will be no need for them, king.”

The mage closed his eyes with a smile on his face and bowed respectively before slowly fading from sight. Looking over to the two divisions who had begun their retreat Ichigo noticed the two groups of fifty fade to two groups of ten. Ichigo remained staring at them until they finally disappeared over the horizon.

Slowly Ichigo turned back to face the castle seemingly ignoring his friends who were still laying on the ground. He could only manage one shaky step forward before his vision blurred to darkness and he collapsed amongst the corpses.

Three weeks passed and Ichigo awoke to an all too familiar ceiling, his eyes were still hazy as he half opened them to the roof of his house. Looking around in a daze he saw the blurry outline of someone bandaging a wound on his left arm which he could hardly feel.

“Ri . . Rikura?” He managed to mumble out.

The girl looked up from tending to his arm with a bleak looks on her face. A tear ran down her cheek which Ichigo’s blurry eyes could not detect and dripped from her chin onto his hand.

“Go back to sleep Ichi.” Spoke the girl softly. “You need your rest.”

Ichigo recognised the voice but the name was drowned in blank patches of memory. This was his curse. The curse of the Hurrican King.
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Another fine chapter :p

Like the idea that he looses his memory if he uses all his powers.

But i do wonder did the king die or not ^^
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Another fine chapter :p

Like the idea that he looses his memory if he uses all his powers.

But i do wonder did the king die or not ^^
Plenty of mysteries will be revealed in the next chapter!

Please not any of you who are following this Fan-Fic closely the next chapter will be delayed as it's going to be longer than usual.

EDIT: Next chapter will be an intermission chapter. i.e. a filler. Get over it. I'm working on the main chapter but I'm going to write up something short to fill a small gap and to keep the story rolling. ~Kel

MOAR UPDATES N STUFF: Next chapter is probably 30 odd percent completed. Stay tuned! ~Kel
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- Chapter 5 - Intermission -

Blaze looked over to Mika who finished bandaging up Ichigo’s arm and slowly pushed herself to her feet using the bed for support. Unsteadily she stood looking over him with tears in her eyes shaking as she desperately tried to hold them back. He gently shook his head and stood up walking over behind her.

“Mika.” He said softly.

As if Blaze’s voice was the trigger of her emotions she collapsed in tears burying her face in the sheets.

Blaze could only stand there looking down at her wondering how Ichigo would react once he awoke. The lastest turn of events would definitely be hard to explain to him however looking down at Mika now he knew that it would be him who broke it to Ichigo, not her. A wry smile grew in the corner of his mouth despite the grim mood. It was always like this and it always would be. A quiet sigh escaped his moth as he closed his eyes and he nodded his head slightly.

An open flame will burn anything near it without regard.

That was his curse - The curse of the Flame King.

As the months passed Blaze shared the news with Ichigo once his mind returned to a stable state. With a heavy heart Blaze spoke each word with such strength that Ichigo couldn’t argue the reality of the situation. Rikura was gone; her body was not found amongst the dead that day and it was assumed that it had been taken by the magi to study. Immediately it hit Ichigo. He had been tricked into believing that they had picked up two of their own before they retreated when instead they had picked up Rikura and an injured mage. Amongst the fray of battle Ichigo had missed the fact that when they brought her forward she had been dressed in one of the magi’s robes as a disguise to fool him - And it had worked.

For days Ichigo sat quietly and rarely ate despite Mika’s desperate attempts to nurse him back to health. Before long his mind and body began to regress and he became under nourished and weak. Mika and Blaze could only watch on as he slowly died inside.

“I told you this would happen.” Cried Mika. “I told you.”

Blaze stood to Mika’s back without words to say.

“He swore his life to protect her and now she’s gone.”

Blaze stepped forward and placed his hands gently on her shoulders.

“I’ve told him everything save the name of the army who took her.” He gently replied.

Mika quickly spun around and grabbed Blaze by the collar of his shirt.

“And why not?” She screamed between the tears. “Were you worried he’d run off and get himself killed? Is that it?”

Blaze only had enough time to open his mouth before Mika interrupted, slapping him abruptly.

“Well he’s already dead Blaze just look at him!” She screamed pointing over at where Ichigo was sitting staring out into nothingness. “Is this what you wanted for him?”

Blaze stuttered out a quiet response before Mika slapped him again.

“Are you happy now?”

Blaze kept quiet, looking away from both Mika and Ichigo.

“Get over there and tell him you bastard! At least if he goes out and dies it will be better than this!”

“Fine.” Groaned Blaze agitatedly. “But if he runs off to get himself killed I am not going with him.”

Mika stood motionless as Blaze walked over to Ichigo. The two were too far away to hear as Blaze quietly told Ichigo the rest of the story. She could see him getting more and more frustrated as he spoke without getting a single reaction not even a flinch. Before long Blaze was yelling, she could hear him now.

“And so you’re going to just sit here and leave whatever is left of her in the hands of those vultures?!”

Ichigo’s face remained blank.

“I used to look up to you Ichi, I used to respect you, but now you’re nothing more than a rotting vegetable!”

Ichigo still remained silent, looking out into nothing.

“To think you loved Rikura. Hah! You make me sick you waste of oxygen.”

Ichigo’s eyes widened and his eyes traced across to Blaze, slowly his head turned slightly and ****ed sideways.

Mika could see Ichigo’s lips move but she couldn’t hear the words. Before Blaze could even flinch Ichigo’s hand shot forward and locked around Blaze’s throat and before long Blaze dropped to his knees trying to pry Ichigo’s hand loose with both of his won.

“Ichi stop!”

Ichigo’s head slowly turned to face the voice yelling at him.

“Let him go Ichi, he’s not your enemy.” Mika sternly yelled at him.

Ichigo’s hand unlocked from Blaze’s throat and Blaze dropped to the floor gasping for air.

“You know the truth Ichi, now please, let us help you get back to full strength then you can go off and fight whatever little war you want.”

Ichigo sighed and relaxed back into his chair.

Day by day Mika continued to nurse him until he recovered his strength until one day when she woke up he was nowhere to be found, there was no note, there was no goodbye.

Blaze walked out and looked around instantly questioning his absence.

She tried to smile but the tears overwhelmed her and Blaze knew the answer straight away.
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- Chapter 6 - Forcing Hands -

Ichigo’s eyes hardened as he saw the great walls of Maelstrom Keep appear on the horizon of violet skies littered with unnatural bolts of lightning. His pace fastened, his lust for revenge grew. Even treading along the loose, sandy earth he still managed a fast stride kicking aside clumps of dirt and stones as he dragged his heavy feet. The time of retribution was close. He knew full well Mika and Blaze would not be coming to his aid. This time he was on his own. Against overwhelming odds as usual only this time it was all or nothing.

Slowly he worked over the unforgiving terrain which opposed him almost as if the land itself was throwing one final test at him to trial his strength and resolve neither of which were going to falter any time soon. As the fortress came into clear view Ichigo sat down atop a large rock which sat half buried in sand and dirt. He looked to the setting sun amongst the bolts of lightning in the sky and for the first time in ages smiled.

Within his glossy, tired eyes reflected the last sunset he would probably ever see. He could only chuckle to himself as he let gravity pull his weary body down onto his back gently as he closed his eyes and let his exhaustion carry his mind off to a world of dreams. This would be his final chance to rest before he started his own war.

Ichigo awoke the next morning to the sound of a horn being blown from within the walls of the fortress which sounded out over the dusty planes around him

Sitting up and surveying his surroundings he knew there would not be a better time to attack turning his head slowly around in an attempt to discover a better direction of attack rather than taking the head-on approach.

After minutes of wandering around and fruitlessly looking for a safer entry point to the fortress Ichigo found himself pacing back and forward in frustration with several of the fortress sentries looking at him in confusion. It wasn’t until they had called for their commanders that Ichigo noticed the large mass of sentries watching him. Cursing under his breath he turned towards the fortress and walked towards the main gates. Within minutes the wall was lined with soldiers donning the same blue robes as the magi who had attacked the castle watching him as he marched within meters of the main gates.

The fortress itself was unlike anything Ichigo had ever seen before in his life. The stone used to construct the walls appeared to emanate a dull glow and even the gates were constructed of bars which resembled a crystal like material. The fortress itself was massive in size, easily capable of housing tens of thousands but Ichigo knew only several hundred actually resided within the walls.

He could hear the marching footsteps of dozens behind the wall echoing into the lightning scarred sky accompanied by shouts and commanders barking orders. Ichigo couldn’t help but smile, everything was placed here in one big pen just waiting for him to claim.

Amongst his drifting thoughts he could make out a voice yelling at him in barely legible words as he noticed it, it became clearer, gradually drowning out the thoughts which spiralled around in him mind until he snapped back to his senses.

Looking around vaguely for the owner of the voice his attention was drawn to a massive troop movement which was gathering behind the gates of the fortress. Ichigo immediately recognised them; the azure robes, the concealed armour plates, it was too good to be true. The battle magi had come from hiding to meet him before he had even killed one person. A quiet chuckle escaped his mouth.

Still the voice yelled out to him and still it continued to fall upon deaf ears. As he watched the crystal like gates of the fortress begin to open and the single group of battle magi walked from their sanctuary lining up in front of the gate before it closed behind them with a mighty crash locking them outside the walls. This time there would be no retreat.

As Ichigo watched the line nervously two stepped forward but only one removed his hood revealing him to be the leader of the Magi and the dominant leader of Maelstrom Keep - Akira.

“Nice to finally know your name.” Snidely retorted Ichigo whose robes were gently being pulled around by a breeze of origins unknown to even him.

Akira smiled looking over his shoulder to another hooded magi who stood slightly ahead of the line.

“I’d like to introduce you to a new friend of mine Ichigo.”

Ichigo’s expression turned instantly to curiosity as he ****ed his head slightly.

“Not that the two of you will need much time to get to know each other though.”

The second figure stepped up next to Akira and beamed a sinister smiled out from under the shadow of the hood. Ichigo stood still lost in a sea of curiosity and confusion watching intently as the mystery magi raised their arms and placed both hand on either side of their head as if about to pull their hood back.

“Ichigo.” Akira continued with a troublesome amount of excitement in his voice. “Meet. . .”

The hooded figure pulled the hood off their head and Ichigo’s heart stopped in his chest. All at once the reality of the situation sunk in; the strange weather above and around the keep, their interest in the four Kings, It had all been a farce. They had never wanted all four kings but only one.

“. . Rikura.”

A bead of sweat traced down Ichigo’s face to his chin,


She was the one they wanted for a specific reason. Ichigo, Blaze and Mika. All three despite being born with their powers had distinctive curses which left the severely weakened or disadvantaged either during or after a fight. All three needed to preserve themselves lest they became victims to the curses which plagued them however Rikura was different. She had inherited no such curse when she gained her powers. She was the true King.

“Rikura.” He whispered to himself, wishing it was all just a bad dream. Shaking his head in disbelief of what was before him he turned his head to face Akira who stood with a smirk of bemusement on his face staring straight through Ichigo whose face turned to a maddened glare.

“What have you done to her you bastard?”

Akira only smiled in response laughing only once as he tapped Rikura on the back pushing her towards Ichigo slighty.

“Tell your friend why you are here Thunder King.”

Rikura’s eyes met with Ichigo’s as she opened her mouth to speak. They were dead, lifeless. They lacked any emotion and her face mirrored the fact.

“I am here to train the magi Maelstrom Keep.” Her voice was no different, bland and emotionless.

Ichigo turned back to Akira and began laughing in an almost psychotic manner.

“I thought you said no illusions Akira.”

Akira only looked back with nothing but seriousness on his face, pulling a dagger from his robes and holding it to Rikura’s neck with an extended arm.

“And I stand true to that.” He said in a voice so stern even Rikura looked down at the blade being pressed to her throat.

Immediately Ichigo’s laughter stopped, instinct kicked in and he stepped forward extending his arm forward before self control regain control and he stopped himself.

He looked towards the line of magi who had all drawn staves with blades edges on either ends and were ready to attack him had he not been able to control himself.

Rikura smiled however her eyes remain without expression.

“The Hurricane King is no threat to any of you.”

The line looked to Rikura briefly before looking back to Ichigo awaiting a reaction.

Ichigo stood in shock at what he had just heard opening his mouth to speak before being cut off by Rikura.

“While I am here he doesn’t have the power to do anything.”

“Watch your words Rikura.” Snarled Ichigo. “You may very well be one of the four kings but you know full well you are nothing in comparison to me!”

Rikura laughed.

“Go ahead Hurricane King!” She taunted. “Show me the full extent of your power.”

Ichigo snarled, it was the real Rikura. She knew of his one weakness.

“Win or lose.” She continued mockingly. “You will still end up worse off.”

Ichigo held his reserve in hope that perhaps she was bluffing however it was quickly shot to pieces.

“Your curse will eat you alive, Ichi.”

That name. Only the other kings called him by that name.

“Rikura stop this madness now!” Yelled Ichigo throwing his arm to the side.

“Madness Ichi?” She said, again in a mocking voice. “Look around you. Do you honestly think you are in a position to argue?”

“Rikura.” His voice cracked, his composure broke apart. “I will not warn you again.”

Rikura’s expression turned to curiosity as she stepped toward Ichigo and held her arms out at waist height.

“Honestly Ichi do you expect me to believe you would ever harm me.”

Ichigo’s face twisted in frustration trying to back away from her but his feet refused him.

Rikura stepped forward again still holding out her arms smiling slyly.

“Rikura.” Ichigo begged. “Don’t do this.”

His words fell of deaf ears as Rikura continued to inch closer and despite his want to back away his feet would not obey.

“Join me Ichi, we could rule this place, this land, this world together.”

Ichigo cringed. Those were not the words he wanted to hear. His mind flooded with crazy thoughts and in absence of concentration he snapped from his daze when he felt a small static shock as Rikura grabbed his hands and pushed herself up against him looking up into his dazed eyes. Slowly she inched her face closer to his.

“Join me Ichi.” She whispered to him, still closing the distance between her lips and his. “So we can be together again and rule forever.”

Ichigo’s mind froze, his thoughts stopped as Rikura’s voice sank deeper inside his head. The voice in his head was nowhere to be heard, Rikura was an ally. A friend. But the others. . .


The others were enemies. They had corrupted her.


She had joined sides with them. The enemy. Rikura was the enemy.

Ichigo’s eyes widened as Rikura’s lips touched his, the missing voice screamed in protest tearing apart his mind with such ferocity that Ichigo reeled backward clutching his head in agony as his face twisted in pain.

“No!” He screamed. “I will never rule over this land nor any other!”

From nowhere a shockwave of air burst outward from his body knocking Rikura to the ground and blasting Akira back into the line of magi knocking down both Akira and two other magi.

Ichigo glared towards Rikura who looked up at him with a stunned look on her face as Akira and the other two magi got back to their feet in the background.

“And neither shall you!” Snarled Ichigo.

Rikura smiled, she knew full well what she had provoked. More importantly she knew it was only a matter of time before Ichigo’s curse began to take hold.

Akira ignored Rikura’s state and threw his arm forward over his head ordering his men to attack and within seconds the group surrounded Ichigo.

For only a second Ichigo lost focus returning to his normal state of mind and found himself looking atop toe fortress walls. The walls were lined with children looking down over the battle all with troubled faces. They would all become victims of the fight. Maelstrom Keep would fall or he would die trying.

The blood haze filled his eyes as he blinked with regret in his heart and as quickly as the concern had come it disappeared and his heart filled with rage.

Turning to his left he caught one of the magi making a pre-emptive strike on him which he narrowly avoided by side stepping to his right catching a second decapitating strike in the corner of his eye which he ducked under. Both blades clashed together in front of him and seeing a perfect opportunity he grabbed both weapons by the handles and pulled them together lancing the two magi with each other’s weapons.

Ichigo looked back up at the children as he felt the magi’s grip on the weapons loosen as they fell to the ground on either side of him. Yanking one of the bladed staves from one of the downed magi Ichigo return his gaze back to a third mage who lunged at him for a head-on attack. Swinging the staff around with his right hand he managed to deflect the overzealous attack knocking the mage off balance leaving him stumbling past Ichigo.

“Is that the best you clowns can do?” Ichigo roared as a bolt of lightning lit up the area, stabbing his forth attacker through the neck after spinning around his attack.

The group backed off slightly as the mage gurgled and desperately grabbed at the bade which remained held in his neck by Ichigo which only resulted in him cutting up his hands until they were hardly recognisable for the blood which covered them dripping down onto the sandy earth. Finally the mage passed out and his frantic gasps for air stopped. Violently Ichigo tore the blade from the mage’s neck with a spray of blood half severing the head and leaving the mage to flop to the dusty earth.

“Which one of you jokes is next?” Ichigo taunted staring straight down at Rikura who was still sitting where she had been knocked down.

From behind him he heard the rattling armour of another mage as he moved in to attack however the mage couldn’t even muster the time to swing his weapon after rearing it back before he found Ichigo looking at him trowing his left arm forward with his hand opened. The air in front of the mage and blasted towards him throwing him backward and knocking his weapon from his grasp within a second he felt a second blast of air throw him further back smashing him into the wall of the fortress forcing a faint scream from his lungs. Another second passed and as he looked up towards Ichigo he was met with his own weapon flying towards him. With no time to avoid the projectile it impaled the left side of his chest digging into the wall behind him pinning him to it.

The battle stopped, time froze as everyone turned to look at the mage pinned to the fortress wall. Even the children hung over the edges of the wall to look down at the mortally wounded mage who was unconscious, some beginning to cry or cover their eyes cowering behind the lip of the wall.

“I warned you Akira but no!” Ichigo muttered loud enough to draw everyone’s attention back to him. “Instead you continued to poke and prod, even going as far as to brainwash Rikura! And now that you have what you wanted you don’t want it anymore.”

Akira’s face twisted in contempt.

“Well guess what Akira I’m not going anywhere until your head is on a ****ing pike at the front of this ****ed up place!”

Akira stepped away from Ichigo almost tripping over Rikura who was pulling herself to her feet.

“Yes, that’s right Akira.”

Ichigo remained staring down Akira even as Rikura began to smile devilishly.

“But you forget where you are Hurricane King.” Rikura said over Akira’s shoulder. “Look around you. This storm is my doing.”

Ichigo laughed mockingly.

“And I also warned you.” Ichigo’s eyes slowly panned from Akira’s face to Rikura’s.

“Can you hear it Ichi, is the voice calling to you?” She taunted slyly, ****ing her head to the side.

Ichigo stepped forward as a bolt of lightning split from the sky and hit the ground next to him blowing sand and loose dirt away and cracking the dry earth forcing him to stop.

“You know it is.” He replied eyeing where the bolt had hit the ground.

“And what is it telling you?” She continued, still taunting him.

Ichigo took another cautious step forward only to be stopped by another bolt which struck the ground closer to him.

“You know what its saying.”

She smiled.

“You’re right.”

Ichigo stabbed the staff into the ground next to him and held out his right arm palm pushed forward directed at Rikura. Akira who was still standing in front of her took a panicked step backwards.

“You wouldn’t.” He stuttered, breathing heavily.

Ichigo smiled as the air in front of him began to ripple.

“Your brainwashing has left her ignorant of the fact that she is missing a very vital source of her powers.”

Akira’s eyes widened as he looked over his shoulder to Rikura. Her face remained with a smirk, she was calling his bluff.

“You can’t remember can you Rikura.” Ichigo continued.

Rikura’s expression began to turn to confusion, she could hear it in his voice, he wasn’t lying.

“You can’t create positive bolts without Mika around.”

Instantly her face turned to horror. He was right, the storm above them was negatively charged. Slowly she raised her head to face the storm she had created. It was now a matter of surviving long enough for Ichigo’s curse to take hold and with her power ten times less than it should be if Mika were around she knew that she’d be hard pressed to even keep Ichigo at bay. Lowering her head back to face Ichigo she looked into the wall of rippling air which grew in front of him.

“I warned you one too many times Rikura.” Muttered Ichigo as the wall of air continued to loat harmlessly in front of him clinging to his hand. “But you refuse to listen.”

Ichigo shook his head slightly as if disappointed.

“I’m sorry Rikura but if you are so far gone that not even I can reach you then I am left with no other option.”

Rikura’s feet dragged backwards leaving shallow trenches in the sand. She was panicking as was Akira who still stood in front of her, desperately looking around for an exit.

Ichigo blinked hard causing tears to swell to the surface and run down his cheeks. His arms began to shake and his breaths shortened.

“Stop this Ichigo please.” Begged Akira. “I will remove the brain washing, I will return her to normal.”

Ichigo huffed loudly, scoffing at Akira.

“Your word means nothing to me Akira.” Ichigo snapped back. “Not after this effort.”

A third bolt of lightning arced from the storm in the sky aimed directly at Ichigo who had less than a second to act. The searing bolt of lightning crashed into him before disappearing from sight leaving only a barely visible glow where it had come down which slowly faded from sight.

Ichigo merely stood with a smile on his face. Neither could see it from where they were but the rippling wall of air before Ichigo surrounded his entire body and had discharged the bolt the instant it had come in contact.

Rikura was stunned. In desperation she threw out her arms and as if held on by strings each weapon followed outward from Ichigo slowly orbiting around him once they had reached a significant distance. Without a moment’s hesitation she threw her arms in front of her with her hands directed at Ichigo and in turn the dozens of weapons followed hailing down towards Ichigo’s position but still he refused to move even an inch, remaining with a snide smile on his face as the hail of weapons smashed against the barrier of air around him and were flung off into different directions, one narrowly missing Akira which continued to sail past Rikura and into the mage who was already pinned to the wall of the fortress.

“Goodbye. . .”

Ichigo’s straightened arm moved across his chest and his head lowered.

“. . Rikura.”

Without even looking up he threw his arm outward to his side leaving only the rippling barrier of air visible around him. It was barely a second before the wall of air hit with hurricane-like force knocking both Rikura and Akira off their feet slamming them back against the fortress walls. Rikura found herself haplessly being smothered by the force of the storm which kept her pinned hard up against the wall. Unable to even lift a finger she turned her head to the side looking for Akira. She only found his bleeding corpse crushing the body of the mage who had been previously pinned to the wall, the two weapons which had impaled him had also been the end of Akira. The first had pierced through his lower abdomen; the other though had ended up through the right side of his skull. The wall around the two was stained red with blood as it seeped out and slowly coated the wall. Akira’s right eye hung out from the socket, pressing up against his face with the wind, pried loose by the staff’s bladed edge which had exited slightly above his eye socket. Rikura could only close her eyes and pray that the wind density would soon choke her to death before her body was slowly crushed.

“Ichigo.” She pleaded, her words falling deaf to the storm of air which was crushing her. “Please stop Ichi.”

Ichigo slowly raised his head to watch as she began to cough up blood onto the wall adding to the already sickening collage plastered to it.

Another bolt crashed down into Ichigo’s barrier and discharged into nothingness, thundering loudly out over the desert planes.

More tears welled up in his eyes as Rikura coughed up more and more blood. He didn’t even know why he was watching. The voice in his head had fallen silent, the blood haze had lifted.

Slowly he lowered his hand which was still held out to his side, inch by inch until it dropped down limply. He turned away and closed his eyes as Rikura’s body fell to the ground with a thud. She was still coughing, he couldn’t tell if it was blood or just lack of oxygen though.

Over the coughing and desperate gasps for air he could hear the children crying atop the wall. He knew that he had just killed mothers and fathers of some of them and he knew one day they would grow up seeking revenge. The voice remained absent which meant only one thing - The curse was beginning to take hold. Taking one steady step at a time his eyes began the blur and his balance began to waver however he managed to get to the gates. On the other side stood one girl who appeared in her early teens. She looked at Ichigo with a cold fearless face donning the same robes as the other magi.

“You came here to see this fortress burnt to ashes didn’t you Hurricane King.” She said in a nervous voice which contradicted her expression.

Ichigo smiled.

“You would do the same for someone you loved.” He forced out between drawing in weary breaths.

“Indeed.” She replied looking over at Akira in a more than obvious manner.

Ichigo looked over at him also, gesturing towards him with his head.

“He’s your father, isn’t he?”

The girl nodded before looking back at Ichigo.

“Most of us here at Maelstrom Keep study the art of water manipulation, ice and whatnot.”

“Interesting choice considering your location.” Ichigo added, looking up at the sky only to notice the storm beginning to clear.

“We had originally intended on kidnapping the Water King however after we learnt of her curse we decided against it considering a person under mind control will care more for their own survival than the will of their master when they are dying.”

Ichigo looked back over towards Rikura who had fallen silent.

“Yes.” The girl said drawing Ichigo’s attention back to her. “She is no longer under my control.”

“Your control?”

“I’m telekinetic.” She replied. “Provided a person is passed out or extremely physically weakened I can control them even after they return to full strength.”

Ichigo began to slowly sway from side to side. The last thing he wanted to do now was pass out.

“I should probably thank you though, Ichigo.” She said. “Killing my father will return this place to how it used to be.”

Ichigo shot back a look of confusion.

“Maelstrom Keep was once a school or young sorcerers but when my father gained control over the fortress he became power hungry. He searched the world for you four in hope that you would help train these children and help create the strongest army in the world only to later learn of your individual curses.”

Ichigo held onto the bars of the gate for support as the girl continued her story.

“It wrecked him. He didn’t know what else to do except force your hand however during the battle at the castle he somehow learnt that the Thunder King did not share the same affliction as the rest of you. As such the battle was called off and she was kidnapped.” She sighed under her breath. “And now here you are, Hurricane King, here to take her back. It’s a shame my father didn’t bother to realise the real reason you four always fight together.”

Ichigo smiled, she was a smart kid.

“Here.” She said holding out her hand which held three pendants with diffent coloured gems embedded in them. “These should help ease the damage your curses cause to you. I’m sure you can work out whose who’s from the colour of the gems.”

Ichigo smiled and nodded taking the pendants from her and placing them inside his robes.

“You.” Ichigo whispered for lack of strength to speak. “You’re like us, aren’t you?”

The girl smiled, her lips moved but Ichigo could not hear the words as his vision gave way to darkness and his feet gave out on him.

When he came to he opened his eyes to Mika and Blaze standing over him laughing to each other.

“Morning mate.” Chuckled Blaze when he noticed Ichigo’s eyes open.

Ichigo nodded gently in return.

“We heard the story, it’s a good thing we didn’t come with you or you could have been in a bit of trouble.” Mika said leaning on Blaze’s shoulder.

“So mate, do you remember much?” Questioned Blaze with a more serious tone.

Ichigo forced himself to sit upright with the help of Mika .

“Ac- Actually I do.” He said in surprise, rubbing the back of his head.

Mika and Blaze looked at each other smiling.

“A friend of yours said she gave you tome stuff to help ease a few of our problems.” Blaze continued looking back down at Ichigo with a sly smile on his face. “Does Rikura know about you two?”

“A friend of mine?” Replied Ichigo confused.

“Yeah.” Said Mika smirking at him.” She was exhausted from hauling your heavy ass all the way from Maelstrom Keep to here.”

Ichigo smiled feeling around his neck for something he was expecting to find.

“The pendants.” He whispered. “And how is Rikura?”

Blaze and Mika each took a step apart revealing a second bed with Rikura lying in it. Her body was practically covered in bandages some of which were bloodstained.

“Well, you messed her up pretty badly but the doctor says she should get better eventually.” Said Mika turning to look at her.

Ichigo let out a loud sigh of relief and flopped back down onto the bed.

“One more thing before you head back to dreamland Ichi.” Mika said. “That girl. She said she wanted to see you again.”

Ichigo closed his eyes and ignored Mika dozing back off to sleep with the hope that the pendants would really be a sign of good faith between the four and Maelstrom Keep and not of further treachery.
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