Two kinds of teleport

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Sep 13, 2008
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I'm uncertain about how this would pan out, but the idea would be to have two kinds of teleporting in-game which would be regulated with turbo.

If you have turbo on, your teleports are shorter distance and take less Ki.

If you have turbo off, your teleports are longer distance and take more Ki.

This way, you can surprise attack people from a distance, as having Turbo off makes you more difficult to see. And if there's a close-range pursuit fight, you can maneuver yourself within a shorter distance to counter attack and use 'turbo melee' to get around.

I put this on YouTube awhile ago. It illustrates maneuvering with 'turbo melee' and teleporting. By having a shorter distance teleport, you could attack from different angles simultaneously in a short distance while moving around with turbo instead of swooping. It would allow more control, and constant exchanges of attacking and blocking in between.

Good players I've gone against in the current version have been able to enact this sometimes to surprise the enemy, blocking and then countering. But when two good players familiar with this style fight, it ends up going back and forth, knowing the opponent is blocking to counter.

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