[TITLE MATCH] The fight for the tag team belt.

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Dec 1, 2001
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Alright, then its Magus and Rocky vs. Engar and Kelesk.

The rules are simple:

Each of you will fight a fc round as you are accustomed to. Each person on each team will write a fc round, you are expected to have your story match seamlessly to your partners. Each team will pick who writes first, and each team will have to carry cooperation and flow between their posts, as it will be part of the judging criteria. At the end of the round, one team's story will be selected as the winning one, and thus, the one from which future rounds will be written.

In short, one post from all four of you!

Now, on to the match:

This will be to the best of three rounds.

The Venue shall be non other than a ruined neigborhood in the old spam section of forumscant, it's bordered by the force pit on one side as part of a renovation program. The streets are ripe with decay since the place was destroyed by the administration. What has moved in to fill the gaps in the years between? What kind of terrible things lurk in the shadows of a ruined cyber haunt?
There is a catch! The forums automated defense systems don't take kindly to trespassers in old shut down boards. Surely you can move around without being detected . . . right?

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