The Reason why no one enjoys esf anymore.

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Jun 1, 2003
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Edited to keep Joe the privacy he wanted when he chose not to enter such info in his profile in the first place.


-- Edited again by Pcjoe. I readded the conversation, I just took out my aim name. It's upsetting that shin carl is this immature to have to post personal AIM logs, but whatever floats his boat.

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CWhite7517: Dude if you dont care about esf
CWhite7517: Why do you insist to be on the team the mod will die so you dont care
pcjoe: You could have just aimed me if you wanted to talk about me ^_^;
CWhite7517: its just like the mod is dead now
CWhite7517: Oh eya lol
pcjoe: The members on ESF are just more then 'team mates', they're my friends
CWhite7517: Joe I don't mean any harm when I im you about esf
CWhite7517: I love the game and i want it to be improved, but since u dont care
pcjoe: and i still plan to do work on it... I just dont really have any insperation to do extra stuff and go 'above and beyond'
CWhite7517: its kind of hard to wor k with
CWhite7517: im trying to get that threw your head
CWhite7517: i guess i need a hammer
pcjoe: I'm not trying to be a ****, but i'm telling you how i feel. I really dont want to code melee, tweak it, or for that matter touch it
CWhite7517: dude im not tlking about the melee
pcjoe: i want to continue experimenting with hl2, and work on mm for hl2, and enjoy my senior year
pcjoe: Melee, whatever that requires code work i dont want to do -_-
CWhite7517: or anything im talking about
CWhite7517: Im not talking about MELEE AT ALL
CWhite7517: goodness sakes
CWhite7517: will you listen
pcjoe: ffs, melee or whatever, whatever includes everything else i didnt mention
CWhite7517: ffa?
pcjoe: Okay, whatever, **** it, talk, you have 5 minutes.
CWhite7517: ffs?
pcjoe: for ****s sake
CWhite7517: Reinstate The Target system
CWhite7517: Without the target system
CWhite7517: people can just run off and beam all day
CWhite7517: and keep running and running
CWhite7517: and tthen just go straight to melee
CWhite7517: IF the target system was still there that wouldn't have to happen
CWhite7517: but they cant keep doing that
CWhite7517: they have to devise an aCTUAL PLAN
CWhite7517: Make it so the Beams actually shoot faster Generic beams that is They shoot to damn slow so do ki blasts, and Signatured beams
CWhite7517: Have Harsens do that ****
pcjoe: The reason we removed the target system is because it was annoying and you couldn't switch to melee fast enough
CWhite7517: take out the damn Detonation beams unless Speeds are increased
pcjoe: Also, that's not possible.
CWhite7517: Well If you fight people in ESF
CWhite7517: you will see why u shouldn't have done that
CWhite7517: The HOW or something needs to come back
CWhite7517: this double headon **** is ridiculous unless its adv melees
pcjoe: I'm not talking about the melee, i'm talking about the increased speeds
pcjoe: the speed of the KI blast is the maximum speed an entity can travel in HL. If you start traveling faster, it will
pcjoe: a) cap it at 2000
pcjoe: b) randomly remove the entity
CWhite7517: Well what about the speeds of 1.1
CWhite7517: EVM did a fine job with the speeds for ascensions
CWhite7517: why can the team?
pcjoe: I'm talking about the speeds of beam projectiles, not KI blast
CWhite7517: cant*
pcjoe: er..
pcjoe: not players rather
CWhite7517: well i understand about the beams
CWhite7517: now the players
CWhite7517: Why cant the players just be upped the speeds in 1.1
CWhite7517: The speeds in evm were good enough for ascensions
pcjoe: we slowed down the swoop speeds because of the multi-directional swooping
CWhite7517: why cant the team do it
CWhite7517: Multi direction swooping wouldn't be a problem dude
pcjoe: for standard players, it's a pain in the ass to hit someone else once you hit SSJ.
pcjoe: Dude, when we first implemented it
pcjoe: it was hard as hell to hit someone compaired to 1.1
pcjoe: because you could swoop in all directions
pcjoe: Maybe for people who play a lot like you, but it has to be designed with the common player in mind
CWhite7517: So its for just "Average gamers"
CWhite7517: Well you know what those "average gamers" do right
CWhite7517: they get there ass kicked
CWhite7517: stop playing and only play rarely at all
CWhite7517: Me i was a average player
pcjoe: You really need to pull your head out of your ass.
CWhite7517: but u kno what i did
CWhite7517: I got better at the game
CWhite7517: I learned how to do ****
pcjoe: You need to pull your head out of your ass buddy. You're now expecting me to implement features that only the elite can handle
pcjoe: and just say **** it to the average player - the majority of our fan base
pcjoe: Yeah, you're smart, i would like to see how a game you develop goes.
CWhite7517: could the speeds be increased just a lil?
pcjoe: The speeds will get faster, we dont set them too high since they need to be 'faster' with ssj2/ssj3
CWhite7517: No one in a real fight will go SSJ2 or SSJ3
CWhite7517: fights Clan matches and scrimmages wont last that long
pcjoe: That's nice to know, but we kinda have to have the features 'work'. If you go SSJ3, you should have a speed boost along with the pl boost
pcjoe: that's the point of the acention
pcjoe: if we increase the speed much more, we'll easily hit that 2,000 limit
pcjoe: and you'll go SSJ3 loosing one of the main advantages
CWhite7517: well could there be a cvar
pcjoe: if you're going to tell me some **** about how the elite do this, or how clan battles never use that
CWhite7517: so you could have 1.1 speeds or not
CWhite7517: That could easily be done
pcjoe: really, just shut the **** up, i dont care about 'elite' players or clan battles
CWhite7517: and a cvar for teleports
CWhite7517: you know what
CWhite7517: **** you
CWhite7517: I hope your MM and ESF mod dies
CWhite7517: I see you could care ****ing less
pcjoe: **** me -_- You're the one saying 'you should make your mod for the eltie players and **** the average one'
CWhite7517: I didnt say **** the average ones
CWhite7517: Im trying to HELP THE COMMUNITY
pcjoe: What kind of idiot says that, any game you would 'attempt' to make would burn in hell with that type of thinking
CWhite7517: alot of people LEFT esf because of the 1.2 change
pcjoe: By making swoop uncontrollable for the majority of the fan base?
CWhite7517: Atleast take the damn teleport delay OFF completely
pcjoe: When you think of new ideas, you have to keep the average and elite player in mind
CWhite7517: Dude here
pcjoe: teleport delay, i dont really care about that too much
CWhite7517: ill think as an average player
CWhite7517: Here
pcjoe: we only added that because people like you complained about it
pcjoe: Look, legend
CWhite7517: I didnt complain about it
CWhite7517: at all
pcjoe: i really dont care dude.
CWhite7517: I loved it
CWhite7517: I loved the tele scripters they were easy to beat
CWhite7517: i love the super fast telers
CWhite7517: well ok then you dont care right?
CWhite7517: you dont care about esf right?
pcjoe: I'm sure you did, but there were players that couldn't overcome the scripters.
pcjoe: No, I dont care about ESF, I'm only staying on because of my friends.
CWhite7517: they didnt know how to block
CWhite7517: dude all im asking is
CWhite7517: reinstate things
pcjoe: Not all people can react that fast
CWhite7517: yea true
pcjoe: Reinstate what? The lockon code is gone, I deleted all of the 1.1 melee code.
CWhite7517: but im just saying
CWhite7517: no no no
CWhite7517: listen here
CWhite7517: 3 Things
CWhite7517: 3 small minor things
CWhite7517: NO teleport delay or a cvar to take it off but have it on as default (as on)
CWhite7517: NO melee hit zone cvar (have it set as on for the no melee hit zone to be off on default)
CWhite7517: 3. not a lock on targetting system what about a better scouter that is like mech mods it shows the player and the radar without it shifting
CWhite7517: thats all i ask of
pcjoe: Look at this from my perspective
pcjoe: why would i even want to bother doing any of that?
CWhite7517: ok so u dont care about esf right
pcjoe: This is a hobby, not a job. I have no dedication to you, or anyone who plays ESF. This is no longer 'fun' for me.
CWhite7517: just tell me flat out
pcjoe: Is that all you can say? Are you that incompetent?
CWhite7517: you no longer care about working for esf
pcjoe: "You dont care about SEF.. You dont care about ESF"
pcjoe: THat's what i've been telling you for months. What dont you get about this? ESF is a hobby
pcjoe: I do not get paid
CWhite7517: Well ok
pcjoe: i have a life, i have things to do, and ESF is no longer a priority.
CWhite7517: thank you for listening even though it aint changin ****
pcjoe: How the **** are you going to tell me I cant enjoy my RL?
CWhite7517: even though you made it your life
CWhite7517: its not my fault
pcjoe: It was, but now i have a real one i like to attend to.
CWhite7517: well thank you joe for a job well done on the game up to 1.2 (only the adv melee system)
CWhite7517: and i bid you adu
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Dec 20, 2002
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I read it. It seemed if ESF isn't your way, then it sucks. And yes, I read it.

You basically just demanded things that you wanted, and he disagreed, big whoop.

Threads like this aren't needed, and I'm editing your entire post. PcJoe keeps his AIM name private so people don't do that kinda stuff to him constantly, so I doubt he wants his name publicly on the forums. if the team chooses to make the game wher eyou have to press a button and everyone automatically dies, they can, and demanding things like that doesn't really help.

So to avoid flaming to you, or to a dev member, Closed.
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Nov 24, 2001
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yaddi yaddi... You post personal logs, and you tell everyone my aim name. I'll leave the chat up (I wont delete it), but i'm editing the post to remove my aim name. I'm also going to give you a 2 week ban for releasing my AIM name, I've told you so many times not to give it out.
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Nov 21, 2002
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You seriously need to block that ass, Joe. I blocked him over a year ago for similar reasons. :| Oh well, at least he's off these forums for a while.

First Post said:
CWhite7517: The HOW or something needs to come back
That's all this kid wants all along. He's crying because he can't Head On Whore anymore. -_-;

First Post said:
CWhite7517: Atleast take the damn teleport delay OFF completely
I always loved this idea of mine to add the delay to the teleports, which is hardly noticable to any player teleporting normally - but is sure as hell noticable if you use an unfair bind to cross the whole map with one button push. :) I'm happy to hear that this teleport delay is working so well in our latest version making gameplay more fair for everyone.

So instead of complaining, why don't you go play on your own ESF 1.1 server? Oh wait, that's right! You DID do that for a couple of months, I remember seeing your posts on the forum about it. Too bad you sat in your 1.1 server all alone and no one else joined, eh? :rolleyes: The game developers aren't fools, they have to consider and tweak features based on fair gameplay for all users and also have to cater for future versions. Also, way to go disrespecting someone's work - yes someone who has put his work into a mod for years working alongside his friends to make a good game together. People like you might forget this easily, but there are thousands of others who still respect Joe and the team for all the effort they have put so much effort into bringing this mod where it is now.

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