The creation of "Cell Saga Episode 3"


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May 7, 2004
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Im makeing a special edetion of "009 - Cell Saga Episode 3" it is showing the stages of the video.. from the verson 1.0 to version 10.0
and there will also be a special edetion of the video, i mean that there is a version people never have seen yet... which you see at the end... this video is not recommended if you want to watch something cool.. this is only showing all the versions of the video... some people might find it boring.. so its only recommended you download it if you want to see how the video started and how it got updated to the last version...
the video is about more then 30min long.. the storyline will also be showen..
the file size will be around 600MB+ if its going to be high res
how i edit to poll ? xD

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