Take the Fall, Part I (Another story)

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Jun 9, 2002
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Part I:
Lost Acquaintances

Leonard Peter’s wife had just ran from his home, screaming that he never loved her and that he should burn in hell. Another failure to kick the habit brought another fight. It was always the same.
That’s ok, he thought to himself, she always comes crawling back begging forgiveness anyway. 9 years of marriage and that’s what I get in return.
That’s why I’m here
he realized. An insatiable thirst had crept up on him during the fight, and so he went to satisfy it.
He sat in the small Hawaii themed bar, downing shots of Jack Daniels, savoring the burning tingle it brought down his stomach.
Tiny hairs on his back stood on end suddenly; reacting to a cold draft in the air Leonard glared suspiciously at the bartender, and returned to his drink. A man in a white silk suit took a seat beside Leonard.
“Well I’ll be damned, Leonard Peters is that you?”
Leonard jerked his head up in surprise.
“Err…yes? Do I know you?”
Leonard honestly had no recollection of this man. Large ropes of muscle laced his arms; they were clearly visible even through his suit. A long brown scar marked his forehead. Tiny bits of grizzled hair came up from his shaved head, but it was obvious that he had many years before he went bald. The man spoke in a low gentle voice that was both soothing and empowering.
“I’m Mark Hanlon,” he offered his hand “we used to play football together”
The key turned in the lock and it clicked. Mark Hanlon had been the best linebacker in the high school at the time. From what Leonard recalled that he was also the biggest party animal in the school, suspended twice from the team for drug and alcohol usage, and countless times from school. Occasionally they would go out and party, usually ending up drunk, acting like jackasses as they stumbled on the side of the street. Parties were the only time he drank back then, he remembered.
“OH! Now I remember, hold on, I’ll buy you a drink.”
Mark unbuttoned his sleeves and waved his hand in denial. On his huge arm was a long tattoo of a snake, its mouth open and eyes shimmering.
“No thanks, I beat the bottle years ago and haven’t had a drop for 10 years. Looks like your still hooked. I guess that’s partially my fault.” Mark said apologetically.
“Alright, suit yourself. I haven’t been able to quit it, I go 3 days and it’s all gone. My wife hates it, but she’s happy that I try at least.” He scoffed and flashed a quick look over his shoulder. “Then again, she hates half the stuff I do. If it’s anybody’s fault, it’s probably hers. Sometimes I just want to give her a lil tap upside the head, just to show her whose boss. Say, that’s a nice tattoo you’ve got there.” A refreshing burn went through his throat as he took another shot of whisky. He recalled the reason why he came here in the first place, and felt a twinge of guilt as he heard the lie escape his lips. A tap was an understatement. If it was just a tap, he might just as well be drinking a Pepsi.
“Thanks, I got it the day I was clean for good.” Leaning forward, he said, “Listen Leonard, I’m here for a reason. Do you love her?”
Leonard was taken aback; it felt like his mind had just been read. It frightened him beyond anything he had experienced before. He suddenly became more conscious of everything around him, his eyes darting around nervously. The bar was empty other then the two of them and the bartender. “What? Of course I do, she’s my wife. I have to love her.” That was not a lie, he did love her, but she got in the way occasionally.
“Well Leonard, do you remember her before you fell in love?”
“No…not really, everything from around 1995 back is just a blur. We got married in 1996, damn, that makes me 36.” He dragged his fingers over his eyes, disturbed by the sudden realization.
“Would you like me to refresh your memory on at least one aspect?” The tone of his voice was very final. Leonard knew he didn’t have a choice here.
“Well sure, tell me then.” Shifting in his seat nervously, Leonard felt beads of perspiration accumulate on his forehead.
“Tell you? Oh no, I’ll show you, but you have to trust me.”
Leonard slowly nodded his head.
Mark raised the palm of his left hand, and for a moment Leonard saw what looked like a pair of faded lines. They were crossed in line of the bottom of his thumb, one vertical extending from his middle finger to the bottom of his palm, the other crossing it, was scarred into his hand. Then he raised his hand, and gently pressed it onto Leonard’s forehead.
“Just relax.”
Leonard closed his eyes, barely felling the cold strong hand resting on his head. It felt as though the hand was within his head, as if Mark could see everything inside him. All of a sudden, he felt very naked, very afraid. There was a blinding white burst of light, and a thunderclap, and Leonard fell unconscious.

The bartender took a glance at the one man in the bar. The thin man sat in his stool staring straight at his bottle of Jack Daniels, completely still, aside from occasionally taking a drink. Despite his handsome smooth face and complete control over his actions, he looked retarded to the bartender. Turning around, he went back to washing glasses. There was a thump and the dull hollow thud of a stool crashing to the ground. Quickly running to the front of the counter, he looked over the edge and saw the man was lying on the ground. The bartender rushed around the counter to help him, but before he could make it around the bend, he began to cough. Cartilage in his windpipe collapsed slowly, crushed by invisible hands. Clutching his throat desperately, the bartender began to gasp feebly for air. Crumpling to the floor, his face turned blue and he began to spasm violently. Eyes bulging out of their sockets, he let out a final wretch and sat still, dead. Leonard was spread eagled on the floor, breathing but still unconscious. Mark stood on the other side of the bar, finally removing his intense stare from the bartender’s crushed throat. His eyes returned to Leonard. Slowly Mark felt his energy returning to him. He smiled.

If your confused at any points about who is speaking, please mention where. i gotta clean that stuff up. C+CC welcome and appreciated.

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