Starcraft II unnamed project.

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Jul 9, 2003
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I'm making a map that's going to be a co-op "open rpg" game and I need some ideas on some class ideas. I might show a small video of what I have so far when I get a little more of the "pre-game" done.

I currently have them divided into 3 basic categories, Melee, Range, and Caster.

Here is what I have so far.

Warrior - Resilient fighter excels in close combat.
Assassin - close combat light armor class that is dependent on offensive cooldowns.

Commando - Basic ranged marine with gernades and land mines.
Hunter - Ranged class that is weak alone but has a "pet" to assist him(I want a different name. Can't think of anything else. Suggestions!)
Heavy Arms - Slow from carrying a chain gun but packs an aoe punch with explosive rounds.

Psionist - class that has low health and relies on psionic abilities for defensive and offensiveness.
Scientist - The healing support class that can revive and heal fallen heroes.

I want more in depth classes but I can't think of anything else. Although I'm thinking about an "engineer" type class. If anyone has any ideas please post them!

Also, if anyone is decent at model editing and animations, I would eventually like different variations of a class(alter models for more variety in classes and new animations for new abilites and attacks.)

And yeah I know it's not much mentioned but I pretty much have a type of writers block and I want most classes done before creating the game so I know what to balance the game with. >.>

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