Star-Wars Related MOD for HL2, need team-members

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Mar 1, 2005
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well i have started out this star-wars mod and we have a 3-man team already, but we can't code or model.
i do sound editing, concept art betatesting, editing strings for menus and such and other small things that needs to be done. we have 2 mappers (if that 1 of them finds his way in) and a beta-tester (except for me).
i might start learning code somewhere around christmas but then we still remain model-less.
The mod will be worked on as often as possible, and i am not the guy who suddenly gives up.
No Fears for the mod dying, only fear for yourself to abandon!
I would really like to get in an experienced coder ASAP to get the mod going.

the concept is this :
In the future we will call it "StarWars MOD".
the mod will have following features :
-Force powers
-Lightsabers with good physics
-Star-Wars Characters
-Many Game-Modes
-Star-Wars related maps
-A single-player scenario
-Teamplay With Darkside vs. Lightside

Ok let's start going into detail with the different things.
1)Force Powers
The different force powers will not be like any other star wars game.
when you use a power it will drain both HP and FP (Force Points)
Force point's will regenerate whgile you play, but there won't be ANY possibilities to regenerate HP.
We shall not have any healing force powers like Heal or drain.
Force Powers will either protect you or be offensive Powers.
Force Powers will not be playing any big role, you will have to rely on either your lightsaber or your guns.
the different force powers are as following :

Both team will have :
1) Push "Pushes an enemy or friend away from you" (Drain 10FP , 5HP)
2) Pull "Pulls an enemy or friend towards you" (Drain 10 FP, 5HP)
3) Jumps"High jumps" (drain 10FP 0HP, automatic)
4) Speed"Fast movement" (Drain 20FP, 15HP, last 8 seconds)

Lightside TEAM :
1) Protect "With protect activated you will be less damaged (40FP 20HP, last 30 seconds)
2) Shield "Make a shield with a certain size, blocking everything coming at it" (50FP 10HP)
3) Mind Trick "Reverses the hit person's movement and his attacks will be inaccurate" (60FP 20HP last 30 seconds)

Darkside TEAM

1) Rage "Heightens your Maximum Damage and Maximum Speed" (60FP 40HP, lasting 60 seconds)
2) Lightning "Burst a Lightning Ray out of your hand" (30FP 10HP, Deals 10DMG/sec Lasting 6 seconds )
3) Choke "Lift an enemy inyo the Air while choking him" (40FP 30HP, Deals 20 DMG/sec lasting 10 Seconds, can be canceled by PUSH)

The lightsaber will be your primary weapon, and your last line of defence.
your lightsaber will NOT block guns automatically, you will have to block bullets youreself.
the lightsaber will have three styles :
1) fast, delaing low damage but hits fast
2) medium, dealing more damage than fast but a bit slower
3) Rapido, insane speed with medium damage but you if you're hit you will have great losses
The lightsabers will block eachothers when they hit eachother and you will be able to block your opponent's lightsabers with the block function
the lightsaber will also have some hiddens moves/combos.
Darth-Maul's lightsaber will be the dual one.
Star-Wars Characters
Well, i dont have to explain this do i ?
the characters in each team is as following :

Darkside :
The Emperor
Count dooku
That Robot guy form episode 3 (name? he will just maybe have four lightsabers, alternate is two lightsabers)

Lightside :
Yoda (yes, he is still in)

There will be many game-modes but for the first verson i am hoping for :

Force-Master : 1vs all. this is a race to the lightsaber, you will all start in some random locations in a map and the first one who finds the lightsaber will get all
forcepowers and a lightsaber to defeat the others with, the ones who doesnt get the lightsaber will have to defeat the Force Master with guns, and be the first one to get
the lightsaber which the Force Master will drop when he dies.

Deathmatch : Random killing. AKA Free For All

Team-Play : Darkside vs lightside

Duel : a simple 1 on 1

Single-Player Scenario
Story and all isn't decided yet, but it will be.
you will be only 1 character in the single-player-scenario.
the single-player scenario will come in a late version.
And it will be done by simple mapping and modeling.

please! i need YOU!
somethings in this is a little worng. i'll make an original story and original characters, other things like the force powerrs and some stuff might be different as we make the game too,.
i mostly need a modeler who can do everything from making the model to exporting it to a .mdl file.
a coder would also be nice...
Apr 10, 2003
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Even though you picked a name based on one of my favorite fictional characters I'm going to have to remind you to not advertise on the ESF forums.

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