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Nov 1, 2002
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Comes out wednesday. I+II were great, and I reserved it today.

New Areas of Operation: Morocco, Poland, and Bangladesh, are designed with detailed plots and varied mission destinations.

Land and water vehicles, drivable by both players and AI characters bring new tactics to the SOCOM franchise.

Using 31 authentic weapons and 21 compatible attachments on multiple hard points, players have nearly 1,000 different weapon combinations for customized combat execution.

New Team Command Actions let the player direct the fireteam quickly with a single button press.

Complex AI behavior makes use of cover positions, blind firing, and fallback behavior to better simulate urban combat. Leader AI provides rallying behavior and coordinated chain-of-command scenarios.

Swimming and water combat play a tactical role in SOCOM 3. Use water for cover or pilot strike boats for waterborne assaults.

Streaming environment technology enables gameplay maps five to six times the size than in SOCOM II . Larger maps provide much more varied and rich gameplay experiences.

Multiple paths to mission resolution bring replayability and variety to the single-player experience.

New technology brings advanced particle and graphic effects for more realistic weaponry, environments, and equipment.

Association with Naval Special Warfare Command ensures authentic and realistic SEAL gameplay and mission designs.

screens (also thx to

Supposedly it will own halo online.. Im gettin it
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May 7, 2002
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I'll be picking this up Friday on payday along with a new headset hehe.
I've been waiting for this for a long time and the game looks just awesome.
Hopefully by the time I get it my nick won't be taken or I'll be pissed hehe and I think I got karrde convinced too pick this one up aswell I know I will be having some late night Socom III action haha.

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