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May 6, 2003
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<center>Once Upon a Time In a Land Called Earth</center>

In the midst of the dark and quiet night, the large house in Spooner Street stuck out as a flower would in a puddle of mud. The quiet of the night was suddenly shattered when a man seemed to be in the middle of a large altercation with another person. A large crash from the inside of the house was heard. The lights of the house flickered and a window on the second floor of the house shattered. Shards of glass rained upon the ground, as droplets of fresh blood followed. An ear-shattering screech soon followed. The screech resembled one that a blade makes when it strikes a brick wall. With a large thud and a flash of ominous green light, a human head—still bloody—flew out of the hole in the window.

As the head of the middle-aged man hit the ground, blood splattered over the neat-cut grass. The man seemed to be suffering from obesity, as his chubby face seemingly made a small hole in the ground. Blood started to pour out of the head in an erratic manner. As the blood sullied the clean ground, the man’s body hung from a single spike of glass in the window. The body suddenly dropped, squashing the head underneath and causing the area covered by blood to proliferate. The cumbersome weight of the obese man bounced around a bit before coming to a halt.

Through the window came an un-cherubic figure. First, the sharp blade of a scythe stuck out, and then, slowly, a figure with semblance to a skeleton in a black cloak rose to the sky slowly. Blood dripped from the end of his scythe onto the man on the ground below. This was the reaper, the eminent grim reaper. The figure slowly rose to the sky. As he rose, a woman was seen on the rooftop. She was standing on the edge, with unflinching courage. She seemed to be the irate woman heard before. She was the other side of the argument. The reaper made a stop at the edge of the rooftop in order to finish the job.

The woman unbridled herself from the imaginary rope tying her to the rooftop. As she jumped, the reaper ripped a rift in her soul. The woman reached the ground, but before she did, she was dead. Tonight, we witnessed a suicide, we witnessed a murder, and we witnessed the destruction of a family. As sad and unfortunate it is, many lives are terminated in this manner. Many sweet lives are abridged, and it is all because of the human nature to argue.

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