second stage melee stuggle

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Jun 8, 2002
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----====second stage melee struggle====----

when you have won a melee struggle have it wait hafl a second before doing the combo

----====what to do with the half a second====----

if you press teleport in this time you and your combatant will start to teleport around the place trowing punches and kicks
and like in the first struggle you would have to enter in arrows to win

----====why tak another chance in a melee stuggle====----

well if you win this stuggle (and for you only) you do a differnt spechal combo dealing 2 times or more in the amount of damge in a normal spechal combo

(this part is optinal)
----==== but why only you====----

i would not be fair ot win one then have it blown back in your face
if the other person one then he would have his chance to go in to a second stage melee if he/she feels like it (opintal)

----====thoughts and ideas===----
feel free to post thoughts and ideas on this

(btw i like my title boarders :D)
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Sep 28, 2002
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i think the second stage idea is good as an idea but it would drag the fight out way too long and prevent any game movement
about the teleporting i think instead of it being a second stage i think it should just be part of like ssj2 or 3 combos in 1.3
and for making unique combos why not just make different combos for different forms to make it more unique

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