|S.T.A.R.S| gone to....

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May 15, 2005
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|S.T.A.R.S| pj was my name and playing zp was my game, but wait no our leader didnt like zp the leader wanted to play esf since zp got boring, special tactics and rescue squad for esf hmm thats kinda odd, yeah i remember the good ol' days with sinner and rabspat and even martin and zoidberg all of us in a 10 max people server
till we went to esf and sinner and martin god who knows what happened to them and rabspat doesnt even play, then the truth of someones skill comes out and we realize what our clan was doing...
this is when |S.T.A.R.S| just went to heck but heck was full and they got spat back out...
yeah you know who you are, stop it, just stop you lost all respect from all your clanmates except zoidberg and raven, sinner doesnt speak to you rabspat doesnt even go on most of the week and i just dont like to speak to you cause well you just went into total *****y mode, and im pretty sure i made u feel like a ***** last time i saw you, idk if you felt bad but trust me, if you saw what shane said you would cry yourself to sleep everynight

you know when you said try our radar i thought you meant radar as in little radar modifier, not whole game
but the whole point im trying to make is stop it angel and you too raven you seriously just got everyone mad and disappointed because we thought u were just good, but little did we know we were being f'ing lied to, you arent good, your just a dirty lieing cheater

and i dont care if you see this and when you do, cause you need to know the truth, that getting those hacks ruined your repuatation, you knew it was gonna come crashing down when you told me about them and sent them to me
yeah you know what i did when i realized what it was i deleted it after using it twice i didnt even like using it the second time i thought i could use it for my coding base


Dec 20, 2002
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The boards aren't for personal quarrels, email them or something that might be a little less..public? o_O


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