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Mar 29, 2003
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Hmmm personally I would get rid of the red color in the background, Overall the sig does look quite nice, but low quality, definitly the picture and the font look low quality, I dont know how you could fix the fonts quality, but (if you are using photoshop)..

1.Go to the picture layer
2.Filter>Blur>Guassian Blur, set it to 100% and about...2.5 blur and press OK
3.Now the picture should look very blurred, go to Edit>Fade Guassian Blur
4.A new screen should now pop up, just choose blending modes from the dropdown menu, personally the once I use most are Soft Light, Hard Light, Overlay and Screen, and it depends on the picture, sometimes I also use Color and Linear Burn/Dodge
5. Now the picture looks alot higher in quality and looks better as well overall ;) Just try experimenting, not only with backgrounds but also with pictures

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