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Feb 17, 2003
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I would not call this an Fan Fic because its origional work, but either way I see the topic eventually bieng moved over here, so heres the new story line of mine:

There are three people that just made the mistake of meeting each other. What little did they know that thier little rendezvous with destiny would take them places unknown and unthought of.

Jacob - The Scientist
More of a Young Genious would be a better description, but everyone calls him the scientist. This guy spent his time tinkering with a device that had just lead them to this adventure. Taking with him a picture of his girl friend, some electronic devices, and some tools, he fell into a strange tunnel that he made appear by accident.

Terry - The Scitzo
This mysterious young man carrys a second personality that was forced onto him by some cruel witches. There was a huge mistake and both souls lost all of thier past. Terry, and his second soul Max, were accidently drawn into a vortex created out of nothing.

Elena - The Mysterious Maiden
This girl is completely unknown to anyone, but she carries a aura about her that Terry doesn't like. They think that they landed on her by accident and she lost her memory, but there is much more depth to this mysterious girl

??? - The Unknown
Not much is known about this.... thing....

Deep in a ocean of some sort there lies a darkened room. You look all around and see nothing but shapes of devices of strange torture and restraint. Deep in this metal prizion there lies a door that has been dented beyond belief. A ovious outline of bashed sculls lies around the walls. There is dried blood everywhere and char spots where it looks like some humans used to be, but there lies no remains left.

Just outside the door and in the hall way all metal has dissappeard and is replaced with pitch dark char marks. Even more dried blood comes from underthe door just as if at one time the room was oozing it.
Jacob begins to walk to the door and slips. He feels nothing but the feeling of impending doom onto him. His heart pounds so hard that he cant move.
A voice appears and sais, "Wake up sleppy head, your late again."

Suddenly awakened by the sound of his mom, this nighteen year old quickly sits up and hits his head on top bunk. "OW!!!" he exclaims.
Rolling out of bed dizzy he starts talking to himself trying to figure out what just happened and where he was. He rubbed his head trying to figure out which version of what he saw was real. Eventually he regained his balance and went on through the day.

As usual he did his standard routine. Get ready, eat, go to school, and then to work. After work he did the unusual and went to a doctor.

"Yes, I would like to see the doctor", Jacob told the nurse at the front desk.
She was reading a women's magazine and looked up. She took the sign up sheets and threw them onto the panel just outside the glass window. She told Jacob to fill those out and the doctor would be with him in a moment. Afterwards, she closed the window and continued to read the magazine with her legs on the desk.

After a while the nurse got up from her leasure and brought Jacob into the examanation room. She took his blood pressure and asked what he had come in there for. Jacob only said, "Just for a physical".

After of what almost seemed like an enternity in the doctor's office, he entered.

"What seems to be the trouble uhh...," the doctor looks at the registration sheet by which Jacob had only put his name on it and continued, " Jacob? Yeah Jacob."

"Well doctor, I have been having the worst of dreams and I am starting to wonder if there is something wrong with me," Jacob answeres"

The doctor stops what he was doing and looks at Jacob directly. "What do you mean?"

"Well," Jacob continues, "I have been having a dream unlike any dream I have had before. I don't know what the problem is because I have never had this dream before and it seems to be reoccuring past this last two weeks. I am afraid that something is wrong with me and I would like to know what."

"Oh, well," the doctor states while he sits down next to him, "if that is the case I am shure you are just fine. You see, people waste too much time tring to interpret dreams. They think that they are either sub consious thoughts and desires, or they think that the dreams are some sort of poetic visions of the future. The truth is that all dreams are is just the way we think while we sleep. Really nothing more or less."

"So you think I am ok?" Jacob asks.

"Im shure, the only thing that I am assigning you is to relax. Thiese bad dreams might just be a cause of you overstressing or just too many fustrations. Just take a moment out of your day in order to take a breath and relax about what you think about. Some light meditation might help."

The doctor then shoves Jacob out of the building isisting that he get some rest and to clear his mind. After he locks the door to the front he turns around and mumbles, "Lousy good for nothing with no money for a good psychiatrist."

A week later Jacob was well awake and had locked himself in the basement for a few days. People were starting to wonder about him and a few of his friends came over to visit.

"He hasn't slept in three days. I fear the worst for him. Him and that reoccuring dream that he keeps complaining about."

"Sounds like he really needs help."

"Well if he wont listen to us, he will have to listen to the doctors."
Downstairs Jacob was busy away completing a device that was about the size of a controler when his friends came in.

"Hey buddy!" the first one said.

Jacob ignres him and starts assembling the last little parts to the device. And then goes to his laptop for the last little bit of computing.

The second one enters the room a bit suprised as to what he sees his friend doing.

"Whats wrong with you?" the second one asks.

Jacob continues typing away on his laptop and answers, "Me? Oh theres nothing wrong with me. I have just about finished it."

"What would that be?" the first one asks.

"Oh its what either the universe is forbidding for me to see or its what the universe wants me to see. I haven't figured it out. You see the answer is in the dreams."

Both of Jacob's buddies get a puzzled look on thier faces as Jacob continues.
"You see each time I had gotten more and more to completing this, the more powerfull the dream was. Its just that I never got to open that door. That one door is what is keeping me back. I must see what is on the other side of that door otherwise I will never know."

Both friends now knew what to do and start making thierselves to opposite sides of Jacob.

"Listen buddy, weve been thinking."

"Umm, you really need to calm down and think things through. You haven't slept in days and frankly you look as white as a sheep. Perhaps it would be best if you take a breath calm down and relax." he sais while putting a hand on his laptop.

Jacob quickly grabs his hand. "What do you mean, are you stating that I shouldnt do what so many dreams have tempted me to do?"

The other quickly starts gathering some equipment out of Jacob's reach. "Now now. Nobody is insinuating anything. I just think that you need to look at yourself rationally."

Jacob quickly grabs up everything he can and stuffs his laptop, some batteries, and random cords and tools into his back pack. Afterwards he grabs the device he was building and starts acting wildly.

"Your here to stop me, arent you? You guys are the reason why I cant get to the door. Your keeping me from everything."

In his whild fury the device turns on and emits a blue cone that scans the area and quickly picks up a red line that looks like a cat's eye. He doesnt see it and keeps waving the device around. Eventually he scans by the eye again exept this time it opens up. The device turns off but the round red vortex still exists. It begins sucking everything in sight until Jason, despite all of his might, gets sucked into the vortex.

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoyed the introduction of Plan Zeta. Post some coments. I would like to hear them.

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