"Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst" Open Beta

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Apr 23, 2003
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as far as i understand blue burst is the gamecube version just adapted to the pc version, with very little added

problem is, the original PSO was free to play online, that was back when it was fun, sonicteam, (or whoever is in charge now) cant keep thier servers free of "bsod, fsod, ect" to make it worth paying for, unless of course thats what this version is all about, bug fixes

PSU will be coming out soon, im looking forward to that more than blue burst, cuz i can already play PSO online on the pc for free, (using private servers that may or may not be legal, so ill be quiet now) with the freedom to hack my characters up, (which was half the fun in the first place, dont lie, everyone who played the dreamcast version had a gameshark, or knew someone who did)

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