Online Servers for Router Users

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Will a mod please sticky this in hopes of no more confusion amongst newbies.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to setting up an online server whilst behind a router:

1. Open up your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).
2. In the address bar, type "", and then press enter.
3. A prompt should pop up asking for a username and password. Assuming you're on a Linksys (If you are not on a Linksys router, please PM me with details on your router, and I will explain accordingly), there are two different usernames and only one default password. The first default username isn't even a username, you just leave the username field blank, and enter the password. The second username is "admin". The default password is also "admin". Now press enter and you should see your general settings page.
4. In the top right corner of your screen, you should see a tab called "Advanced". Click this.
5. Now look for a tab at the top called "Forwarding". This is your port forwarding page, and will allow you to forward the necessary ports to your internal IP address (Or router IP, as many prefer to call it).
6. If you do not know your internal IP address, open your start menu. Now click "Run" and in the prompt that pops up, type "cmd", thus opening your command prompt. Now in the command prompt, type "ipconfig", and your internal IP address will be defined by the "IP Address" value. You only need to know the last 2-3 numbers of your IP address to forward the necessary ports. Example: 192.168.1.XX (XX representing the critical numbers to know).
7. Now on the forwarding page, you should see a number of fields for port input. On the first row of these fields, type in the box on the left, "27000". And on the box on the right, "27030". Now simply check the "TCP" and "UDP" boxes, and put in those critical IP number you were supposed to memorize earlier.
8. Now scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Apply".
9. All done! Enjoy!

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