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Sep 13, 2008
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Quickly scroll through. It’s not so bad.

Turbo, like Transformations, has a permanent element to it now so it changes. It adds another of that same layer where it can be tailored differently. It can be charged to become more powerful so we can do multiple things now, like add greater benefits and consequences to it; not only to itself, but in relation to Transformations as well.
A clear way to look at this is creating an opposite to a charged Turbo, where if Turbo is off, you swoop at a slower base speed that all characters and transformations are equal to. So the less effective swoop becomes, the more Ki you have available to defend with.

Ki drain is increased with Transformations which lowers the effectiveness of Ki recharge, making Turbo and Charged Turbo more difficult to sustain.​

Turbo as a Stance
Non-Turbo is a Defensive stance, Turbo is a Consistent stance, and Charged Turbo is an Offensive stance. The ideas behind “stance” are not so much that you have to play that way, but that it’s more beneficial to. If I want to be aggressive and deal more damage, I’ll fight with Turbo on. I think in theory we can agree that that’s how it may already be interpreted, but to a limited extent. Charged Turbo is the only one that really stands out.​

Ki Regeneration/Drain

Non-Turbo is defensive. Ki regenerates quickly allowing greater mobility and recovery, like lots of chain swooping, blocking, and instant recovery. Higher Transformation = more base PL = easier time defending Ki attacks.

Turbo is the neutral zone. This is where the element of Ki drain is introduced depending on Transformation. This is what the average game play is built on. You can attack and defend equally as well with some recharging along the way.

Charged Turbo is completely offensive. When you land hits, you’re awarded time in between to either attack or recharge. Ki drain makes this a required and vital element. If you can’t continue landing blows, then you’re less likely to sustain your offensive stance. Your swoop is much more powerful and unpredictable. Your Ki attacks are quicker and more deadly. However blocking, instant recovering, and swooping to evade will quickly diminish your Ki. You have to be locked on your target and focused on attacking him at all times, so you can guarantee yourself some time to recover in between.

Swoop Speeds
Non-Turbo = Swoop is at the same base speed between all Transformations, so it’s always at a low strength. There’s limited benefits playing defensively in a high Transformation. You might be better off playing offensively in SSJ than defensively in SSJ3.
Turbo = Swoop speed bonus depends on Transformation.
Charged Turbo = Swoop’s speed is increased by a greater amount and damage is also increased.​

Ki Charge Speed & Strength
Non-Turbo = Lower Max Ki => Weaker but faster Ki attacks
Turbo = Higher Max Ki => Stronger but slower Ki attacks
Charged Turbo = Faster charge, Higher Max Ki => Faster & Stronger Ki attacks.​

Transformations Speeds
Turbo can influence Transformation speed.
Non-Turbo = Regular transformation speed
Turbo = Faster. PL increases, speeding it up
Charged Turbo = Fastest. PL increases more, becoming much faster

At some points, Charging Turbo will allow instant transformations, which is a great way to increase your damage drastically. This maximizes your potential PL gains at an instant. This would be useful for stopping an incredibly strong Ki attack which might otherwise kill you. Or if you're using a faster & stronger beam attack against another player, this would ramp it up.​

Transformations & Turbo Relationships
Transforming increases Ki drain when using Turbo. Ki recharging then becomes less effective at sustaining Turbo and Charged Turbo the higher up you go.

Max Ki is increased when Transforming. If it's increased in proportion to Ki drain, it will drain at the same ratio, thus the initial time of use is unaffected.

The moves which consume Ki, like swooping, are still under the same values. What this does is create a greater, unaffected initial time to use Turbo/Charged Turbo. However, the greater the Ki drain, the harder it is to sustain it.

Thus Untrans may sustain Charged Turbo indefinitely, but swooping will consume more of it, while SSJ3 would have a Charged Turbo for about 10-15 seconds before it ran out. If SSJ3 recharged, it could simply offset the Ki drain.​

Turbo Toggling & Stamina
Toggling Turbo on consumes a chunk of stamina. If Transforming causes a player to take more stamina damage and toggle Turbo on and off more often, then this will reduce stamina more quickly.

Maintaining a Charged Turbo is less taxing than constantly dropping it and recharging it. This becomes increasingly more important as you Transform.​

Overall I think this allows a great diversity in strategy and player skill to exist. Diversity in strategy is based on which stances you prefer and how you like to jump between them. Diversity in player skill is based on assuming greater risks for greater rewards: More power for longer recovery time through Transformations.

The more players learn to manage their Ki levels, the better they can link their stance strategies to Transformations. Transformations would actually be a symbol of player skill instead of simply having enough Power Level.
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