okay i need help, real bad. please dont ignore!

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Oct 6, 2004
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Ive been trying to get ESF to work for a long time now. I have downloaded the Half life update and i DO own the original game. But it still says that it wont let me update servers as im running under a different protocol (it says this even for half life/CS etc). Besides from this i have also tried to get ESF to work EXACTLY as is said in the manual. I installed Steam and it updates, gets to the end and does nothing. I try to open it again, and says i can not have another version of steam open if i already have one open. Then eventually, the following message comes up:

'Steam.exe(main exception) Win32 StructuredException at 023F82AA. Unspecified floating-point exception.'

Can someone please help me at all??? I have no idea what to do, ive uninstalled an reinstalled so many damn time and i dont know what else to do. Any help would be much appreciated! Thankyou.

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Nov 21, 2003
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it did that to me to but i found out it was my fault just install and wait untill you get to the create account, retreave active account (or something like that)

you crerate a new account using your HL CD-key then you should be able to download HL throo STEAMwhen thet is instaled and updated run it once

after that install ESF 1.2 and ESF 1.2.1 patch

your problem is that you cant play online whit WON since it got closed down and all you can do now is make a LAN game

PS. Welcome to the forums :laff:

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